Coed, independent, PK-12th grade school in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Technology Mission Statement

Shorecrest recognizes that proficiency with technology tools and the development of information and media skills is essential to a student's future success in academics, the workplace, and lifelong learning. Therefore,

Shorecrest is committed to:
  • Ensuring equitable access for all students.
  • Providing tech support and network services for all students.
  • Empowering teachers to use technology for teaching, learning, and communicating through internal and external professional development opportunities.
  • Utilizing technology tools to build community and foster collaborative learning within our classroom walls and beyond.
  • Providing students with the technology skills necessary to succeed in a variety of learning environments.
  • Leveraging technology to enhance learning and provide opportunities for student innovation.
  • Educating students as digital citizens through the safe, ethical and responsible use of technology, information, and resources.
  • Educating students and families about the personal and interpersonal impact of social media.
  • Enforcing Shorecrest’s Responsible Use Policy for Educational Technology.
  • Aggressively seeking opportunities to equip Shorecrest with the latest technology tools.
Shorecrest students will:
  • Understand and practice digital citizenship through the safe, ethical and responsible use of technology, information, and resources.
  • Understand the social, legal, and ethical impact technology and social media has on their lives.
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems and operations.
  • Discriminate between technologies to determine proper use and scope/function.
  • Use technology tools to gather, evaluate, and know how to use information in a global society.
  • Navigate and participate in online learning environments.
  • Use technology tools to learn from others and effectively work in teams.
  • Leverage technology to plan, share and achieve their personal learning goals.
  • Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.
  • Follow fair use guidelines to evaluate, select and use digital resources.

Computer Coding

Technology Team

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School Information

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Shorecrest Preparatory School is a private, non-sectarian, coeducational, college preparatory day school for students preschool through high school, located in St. Petersburg, Florida.