SHORECREST COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION: A great way to support and make a difference at your child's school!
One of Shorecrest’s great assets is its community. A goal of SCA (formerly known as SPA) is to support and develop that sense of school community. What does “School Community” really mean? The School Community Journal describes it as:
A community is a group of people associated with one another who share common values. Geography does not make community, nor does membership nor casual affiliation. When the school functions as a community rather than in a community, its constituents (students, parents, teachers, staff) associate with one another and share common values about the education of children. At the root, members of the school community assume responsibility for one another. Those children become our children, and parents are not external agents but full partners in the education of their children and of each other’s children. Teachers are not isolated practitioners of pedagogy, but professionals integrated into the web of community and buoyed by common purpose.
(Sam Redding, from The School Community Journal, Vol 1, #2, Fall/Winter 1991)
In a nutshell, that means:
Our common objective of getting the best education for our children, and the relationships we have with each other, are the tools required for building a School Community.

Therefore, the goals of SCA are:
  • to support and continue to build the relationships of those within our community – between students, teachers, parents and staff
  • to support the education of our children, by providing continuing education for teachers, seminars, and facility enhancement (i.e., playground equipment, library furniture)

Please Join Us!

There are many different personalities out there with many different talents, and just as many ways to become involved in our community. Whether it’s an hour a month or an hour a week, there is a place for you. Please join us for a SCA Meeting to see how you can get involved.

I look forward to seeing you,

Kristin Leary
SCA President

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SCA Board 2015-2016

President: Kristin Leary
Vice President: Shaheen Hemsey
Secretary: Heather O'Neill
Treasurers: Julie Cenedella, Karen Peterson
Volunteer Coordinator: Zeina Kropf
Grandparent Liaisons: Henry and Laurie Eberhardt

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Shorecrest Preparatory School is a private, non-sectarian, coeducational, college preparatory day school for students Age 3 through Grade 12, located in St. Petersburg, Florida.