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Shorecrest Statement on Zika

by Marie Confident, School Nurse
Shorecrest is committed to the health and safety of its community and is closely following CDC and infectious disease professionals’ recommendations for Zika prevention. Shorecrest maintains a Clinic staffed full-time by a registered nurse.

Shorecrest leadership, including the school nurse, has been in regular contact with city and health officials regarding Zika awareness and prevention. Because the benefit to children of outdoor time so greatly exceeds any risk of Zika transmission, Shorecrest is not currently reducing or limiting time outdoors but is instead taking a proactive approach to prevention.

The Shorecrest maintenance and grounds staff has taken the following preventative measures:
  • Emptying/removal of any containers that may hold standing water.
  • Addition of mosquito dunks in swales and other areas of naturally standing water.
  • Partnered with Pinellas County Mosquito Control to spray for mosquitos at Shorecrest and in surrounding areas.
For more information on Zika prevention guidelines in Pinellas County please visit

Prevention of mosquito bites is the best method to avoid contracting the virus. To protect your skin:
  • Stay indoors
  • When outdoors, wear long sleeved shirts and pants
  • Apply EPA-registered insect repellents following all labels and directions (products containing DEET, picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus are proven safe and effective)
  • Wash skin well after returning indoors
Families are strongly encouraged to apply insect repellents on their children prior to coming to school. Teachers and the school nurse are not responsible for applying repellent at school.

Shorecrest students have a number of opportunities to travel nationally and internationally. School leadership has sought the advice of a number of local and national professionals regarding travel and the presence of Zika. Under the recommendation of those professionals, the school has no plans to cancel any of the scheduled trips for the 2016-17 school year. The threat to student travelers is minimal, with the greatest concern of the virus affecting pregnant women, women who could become pregnant, and their partners. Staff and faculty leading such trips will take preventative measures to minimize risk and will follow CDC guidelines in managing the trips, such as long-sleeved clothing and daily use of repellant for all trip participants.

Parents are encouraged to use the following resources and make the decision that is best for their family. The school will respect and honor decisions parents and guardians make for their children regarding travel and other off-campus field trips.

CDC Zika Resources -

Marie Confident, RN, BSN
Shorecrest School Nurse

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