Mindfulness and Self Care for Educators

Free sessions - pass this along to your teacher friends!

Experience 20-minute sessions of meditation and mindfulness designed to provide support for educators coping with recent upheaval in the field.

Educators across disciplines are providing stability and comfort for others while struggling to manage their own, personal challenges. Take a few moments for yourself and your well-being. Learn some strategies to find a little more stability, a little more self-appreciation, and a little more peace in your daily life. Through breath work and guided meditation, participants will have an opportunity to see some mindfulness practices in action and, hopefully, to adopt some new skills for themselves.

These sessions will be facilitated on Zoom by Shorecrest teacher, Mike Steele, an experienced practitioner of mindfulness strategies for over 20 years.

About Mike Steele, your guide

Mike Steele has been a Shorecrest Upper School Math and Science teacher since 2012. He has been a practitioner of mindfulness strategies for nearly twenty years. Introduced to mindfulness through a personal practice of martial arts and meditation, Mike quickly came to realize that his knowledge and experience would most certainly enhance his career in education and classroom pedagogy. Today, he uses what he knows about meditation, breathwork, and intentionality to bolster his approaches to teaching and to help his students see the benefits of these practices as well. 

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