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Fifth - Seventh Grade 1:1 iPad Program

Students in 5th-7th grades use a school-issued iPad.

  • 5th Grade and New Students in 6th and 7th: Students are issued a school iPad for use throughout Middle School. An annual technology fee of $350 is billed to the family each September. The technology fee covers the iPad, an extended warranty, a keyboard case, all productivity and curricular iOS applications needed by the students, software to manage the device, and a Help Desk to support students and families. 
  • 6th Grade: Returning 6th Grade students are charged $350 for continued use of their school-issued device. 
  • 7th Grade: Returning 7th Grade students are required to turn in their current device before the start of school. A new iPad with a new case will be issued for the next two years. More information on the device refresh will be included with the Start of School documents in July 2020. An annual technology fee of $350 is billed in September.

Since its implementation in 2013, Shorecrest’s 1:1 iPad Program has been the cornerstone of technology in the Middle School. Students have taken greater ownership of the learning process and have leveraged technology to take an active role in choosing and achieving their personal learning goals. 

Teachers and students have found amazing ways to use these tools across the curriculum!
  • Inspiration Maps is a great way for students to synthesize learning beyond traditional concept maps. Space is unlimited and revisions are easy to make. Students include photos, shapes, and color with a purpose to organize and summarize what they have learned about arithmetic, metric measurement and the five themes of geography.
  • The Book Creator app allows students to create reflective journals and eBooks in Social Studies, Science and English. Students can easily add text and images to projects, as well as draw and annotate on pages of each virtual book they create. Students can record their voices or import audio tracks to augment projects.
  • In technology class, students use Notability to storyboard a personal narrative. Once storyboards are complete, students learn basic rules of photography. They use the iPad camera to capture images for their narrative and the app SnapSeed to edit them. Photos are uploaded to Adobe Spark Video to add text and voice to their personal story.
  • Notability is the go-to app for paperless classwork assignments and some note taking. Teachers begin the year by helping all students set up folders to organize their documents by subject. Students then learn how to supplement their work with pictures and sketches as well as audio recordings. The built-in backup feature ensures notes are not only backed up on the iPad but also accessible via Google Drive.
  • In addition to notetaking and organization skills, students use apps that facilitate and enhance their participation in class discussion, collaboration with peers, and to create unique representations of their learning. Some apps include Poll Everywhere, Padlet, Flipgrid and Explain Everything.
  • Quizziz is an online quiz game students use to review concepts. Quizzes can be timed or untimed, competitive or not, and they provide teachers and students with immediate feedback.
  • Students use Flashcards by KNO to learn vocabulary roots.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 17 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What are the benefits of using school-issued devices vs. personal devices for FAMILIES?

    Having school-issued devices ensures that all students have equal access to appropriate technology; that devices meet recommended standards/specifications; that all students are using the same operating system to promote consistency in learning; and that they are using the most up-to-date equipment so that they can run all necessary apps, digital texts, etc.

    The biggest benefit for families is that the maintenance of devices is not the responsibility of the family, but the responsibility of the school. Additionally, using school-issued devices allows Shorecrest to customize access to age-appropriate, educational applications by grade level and to support parent requests for additional monitoring of devices.
  • Q. Now that students have iPads, what will happen to textbooks?

    Shorecrest has partnered with an online provider that will provide a 'one-stop-shop' for access to digital texts. At this time, approximately 70% of textbooks and other reading materials such as class novels have a digital option in the bookstore. 

    Additionally, teachers will utilize other online materials to supplement the curriculum. Links to these materials will be posted through our learning management system, PowerSchool Learning.
  • Q. Is there a fee associated with this program?

    Shorecrest assesses a $350 Technology Fee for students entering 5th - 7th grades in 2020. The fee covers the cost of the device, an extended warranty, a keyboard case, all educational apps, and management software fees. The Technology Fee is billed in September and is assessed each year of Middle School.
  • Q. How will I get my child's device?

    All 5th grade students and students new to 6th and 7th grades for the 2020-21 school year, along with a parent/guardian will be required to attend an hour-long iPad orientation before the start of school. Sessions will be offered one week prior to the start of school. Devices will be issued at iPad orientation. Information regarding orientation times will be sent to families in July.

    Note: Returning 5th graders do not need to attend an orientation.
  • Q. What will be covered during iPad orientation?

    In addition to receiving the iPad, students will be given their school login credentials, access to our school network, and instructions for downloading apps. The orientation will also cover the school's Responsible Use Policy for Educational Technology (RUP) and student iPad contract.
  • Q. Will my child get to keep the iPad over the summer?

    Once issued the student will have full access to the iPad including over the summer months. 
  • Q. How will students have an iPad repaired?

    Loaner iPads will be issued to students for use during repairs. Families will be asked to cover 100% of the cost of a repair (approx $50), up to two repairs. The need for a third repair is not covered under the iPad warranty and would be the responsibility of the family. Any repair bills would be charged on the student bill.

    If an iPad loaner is needed, students should visit Mrs. Alice Hathcoat in the Haskell Library for assistance. She can be reached at
  • Q. How will Shorecrest handle a lost or stolen iPad?

    Shorecrest will have loaner devices available for students in the case of loss or theft. Each case will be evaluated independently to determine liability, if any.
  • Q. Will my student need an Apple ID?

    Students will be issued an Apple ID from Shorecrest.
  • Q. Can my student download personal games and applications to the school-issued device?

    All Shorecrest required iOS apps will be available to download through the 'Self Service' app which is automatically installed on the student's iPad.

    At this time, only school-approved apps can be downloaded on the student's iPad.
  • Q. Can I buy my child's iPad at the end of 8th grade?

    Shorecrest is still investigating buy-back options for the program.
  • Q. If I have a child already in eighth grade at Shorecrest, can my older child participate in this program and have a school-issued iPad too?

    Due to the leasing structure, devices will be available only to students from the Class of 2026 and onward. Students in grade 8 in 2020-21 will continue to bring their own devices.
  • Q. How will students submit assignments to their teachers?

    Students will use Shorecrest's PowerSchool learning management system on a daily basis. Students will use this system to upload assignments to their teachers. Additionally, students will be able to 'share' documents and other files with teachers utilizing Google Drive.
  • Q. What is Google Drive?

    Google Drive is a cloud-based document system where students can create and store word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Files can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and files can also be shared with other students for collaboration.
  • Q. Will my student be able to print from the iPad?

    Yes. Students will be able to print wirelessly to printers across campus.
  • Q. How does my child backup applications, music and photos form the iPad?

    Students will setup iCloud backup services on their iPad at orientation. Once setup, their iPad will synchronize each evening when it is plugged in and on a wifi network. Students can also manually synchronize their iPad at any time. Documents will also be stored within their Google Drive accounts.
  • Q. How do I keep my student from downloading apps without my permission?

    Students will start the school year with access to only Shorecrest approved educational apps.

    Once students are given access to the full Apple Store (TBD),  parents may utilize Restrictions/Parental Controls through the iPad's General settings to secure student devices to prevent students from downloading apps without permission or supervision.These restrictions can be locked with a passcode to prevent students from changing them. More information can be found here.

Required and Recommended Apps

List of 3 items.

  • iPad Apps Information

    An asterisk (*) denotes a paid app purchased for the student by Shorecrest. Students will need to use Self Service to download this application at the start of the school year.

    An (F) denotes a free app students can download from Self Service or through iTunes.

    A (P) denotes a paid app students can download on their own through iTunes, if interested.
  • Required Student Apps

    Notability (*) - note taking
    InspirationMaps (*) - concept mapping 
    Explain Everything (*) - video creator
    Educreations (*) - video creator
    Book Creator (*) - book maker
    Puffin (*) - web browser (Flash)
    Garage Band (*) - audio/music creator
    Google Drive (F) - document storage
    Google Docs (F) - word processor
    Google Sheets (F) - spreadsheet
    Google Slides (F) - presentation
    Gmail (F) - email 
    iMovie(*) - video creator
  • Other Recommended Apps

    Haiku Deck (F) - presentation
    iMotion HD (F) - stop motion
    Comic Life (*) 

    iBooks (F)
    Kindle (F)
    OverDrive (F)

    Chrome (F)
    Dictionary (F)
    Google Earth (F)

    Calculator (F)
    My Script Calculator (F)
    Free Graphing Calculator (F)
    Dropbox (F) - cloud storage
    Dragon Dictation (F) - voice to text
    StudyBlue (F) - flashcards
    Qrafter (F) - QR Code reader

    Annotation / Recording
    Skitch (F) - image annotation

    Popplet Lite (F)

    Instructional Apps
    iTunes U (F)
    BrainPop (F)

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