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Upper School Technology Program

Shorecrest is committed to providing students with the tools necessary to learn and develop the skills, knowledge and dispositions to help them be successful in a connected, digital world. In addition to ensuring our students have strong foundational technology skills, Shorecrest wants each of its graduates to possess the following qualities as outlined by the ISTE Standards for Students:

  • an Empowered Learner, leveraging technology to take an active role in choosing, achieving and demonstrating their learning goalss.
  • a Digital Citizen, acting and modeling safe, legal and ethical use of technology at all times.
  • a Knowledge Constructor, using technology to research, evaluate and curate information to find answers, develop ideas and explore real-world problems.
  • an Innovative Designer, to identify and solve problems by creating new solutions.
  • a Computational Thinker, to use data, models and algorithmic thinking to facilitate problem solving.
  • a Creative Communicator, to clearly express themselves creatively through a variety of platforms.
  • a Global Collaborator, to connect and work with learners from a variety of backgrounds and cultures locally and globally.
Shorecrest encourages students to use personal digital devices to help them take greater ownership of the learning process. Upper School students are required to bring in an iPad and/or Mac laptop for their personal learning device. Students may choose the device that best fits his or her individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. What are the accepted devices my Upper School student can bring to school?

    iPad - iPad 5th or 6th generation; iPad Pro with at least 64GB or higher; needs to run iOS 11.4 or higher
    Laptop - MacBook Pro, MacBook or MacBook Air running macOS Sierra 10.12 or higher
  • Q. What about PC devices?

    Shorecrest will not support other OS devices including Windows laptops, tablets and Chromebooks. Shorecrest is not able to manage these devices, control the security patch level of other operating systems, or enforce anti-virus software on these devices. Not being able to adequately control these devices poses security risks to our network. Additionally, our infrastructure is not designed to support Windows devices on a large scale the same way we can with Apple devices. Finally, many teachers use iBooks and iOS apps in their classroom that may not be available to students on Windows machines.
    In order to protect our network and ensure the integrity of our ecosystem, students who choose to violate the school’s Responsible Use Policy and log in to our network with a Windows device will have restricted access. These restrictions will limit or impede their day to day school operations.
  • Q. Who will provide technical support to my Upper School student throughout the school year?

    Mrs. Alice Hathcoat, Shorecrest's Technology Support Specialist, will serve as your first contact for support. She can answer your questions, assist in setting up devices, and provide technical support. Mrs. Hathcoat can be reached at and her office is located in the Media Center.
  • Q. What is expected of my student?

    Students are expected to follow all rules and guidelines outlined in Shorecrest's Responsible Use Policy for Educational Technology (RUP) and Upper School iPad/Laptop Contract. Updated policies and contracts will be sent to families during the summer. Students will review the policies and contracts within their advisory programs during the first week of school. 

    Students new to Shorecrest (9-11) will be required to attend a Technology orientation before the start of school. Information regarding orientation times will be sent to families in July.

    Additionally, students are expected to:
    • Bring a fully-charged iPad and/or laptop to school each day.
    • Be the only user of the device. Students may not share devices with classmates.
    • Keep all digital devices with them or secured in their locker.
    • Clearly label all digital devices with their name.
    • Keep a security passcode/password on their device.
  • Q. What about apps and software my Upper School student might need?

    Shorecrest will provide key productivity and curricular iOS applications and a Help Desk to support students with an iPad. The Shorecrest Help Desk will provide limited support for Apple laptops. Software and apps will not be provided for personal laptops.
  • Q. What happens if my Upper School student's personal iPad is broken or not functioning properly?

    Shorecrest will have loaner iPad devices available for checkout to students who are awaiting iPad repairs or replacement. Loaners may be checked out for up to two weeks. Shorecrest's Technology Team will help setup the temporary iPad with the student's Apple ID. If you need a loaner device, please contact Mrs. Hathcoat at or stop by her office in the Media Center.
  • Q. What happens if my US student's personal laptop is broken or not functioning properly?

    Shorecrest will not provide loaner laptops to students. Students, however, may choose to borrow a loaner iPad while waiting for a laptop repair. A loaner iPad may be checked out for up to two weeks. Shorecrest's Technology Team will help setup the temporary iPad with the student's Apple ID. If you need a loaner device, please contact Mrs. Hathcoat at or stop by her office in the Media Center.

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