The Experiential School Curriculum

Involving children in experiences that relate to their lives makes learning fun and exciting. Our Reggio-inspired approach to teaching and learning is designed to help preschool-aged students feel capable and find enjoyment in their pursuit of knowledge through hands-on learning with a balance of play and discovery, and self-initiated and teacher-initiated activities.

Playful Learning

  • Cultivate a joy and wonder of learning
  • Discover and express interests 
  • Develop language, literacy, math and science concepts through investigations and interactions with materials, ideas, people and environments
  • Strengthen fine motor skills through hands-on and sensory experiences 
  • Communicate understanding through representations (i.e. drawing, painting, projects, etc...) 
  • Develop emergent technology skills

Self & Social

  • Foster respect for self, others and the environment
  • Develop executive function, self-regulation, social emotional and self-help skills 
  • Engage in social interactions, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making
  • Participate as citizens of a classroom community
  • Communicate needs, feelings and ideas
  • Interact with people (teachers, older students, guest experts, volunteers) to develop awareness and appreciate differences and similarities
  • Consider multiple points of view and perspectives
  • Express creativity through engagement in storytelling, writing, visual arts, socio-dramatic play, outdoor play, music and movement
  • Exposure to Spanish language


  • Exploring the natural world through gardening, use of the outdoor classroom, observational field experiences, and play
  • Gaining strength and developing coordination, body awareness and sportsmanship through gross motor activities during physical education and outdoor play

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Our Teachers

List of 15 members.

  • Photo of Sherri Danyali

    Sherri Danyali 

    Head of The Experiential School of Tampa Bay
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  • Photo of Nikki Kemp

    Nikki Kemp 

    Exp Admin Asst & Music Teacher
    727-522-2111 x313
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  • Photo of Liz Daley

    Liz Daley 

    Alpha Teacher
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  • Photo of Lori Bell

    Lori Bell 

    Alpha Teaching Assistant
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  • Photo of Claire McLean

    Claire McLean 

    Alpha Teacher
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  • Photo of Brendi Craver

    Brendi Craver 

    Alpha Teaching Assistant
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  • Photo of Taylor Styke

    Taylor Styke 

    Alpha Teacher
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  • Photo of Jacqueline Roller

    Jacqueline Roller 

    Alpha Teaching Assistant
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  • Photo of Abbie Hahn

    Abbie Hahn 

    JK Teacher
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  • Photo of Martha Reynolds

    Martha Reynolds 

    JK Teaching Assistant
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  • Photo of Merry Markunas

    Merry Markunas 

    JK Teacher
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  • Photo of Ginger Thompson

    Ginger Thompson 

    JK Teaching Assistant
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  • Photo of Brenda Rosas

    Brenda Rosas 

    JK Teacher
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  • Photo of Takeya Trayer

    Takeya Trayer 

    JK Teaching Assistant
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  • Photo of Alexis Arrazcaeta

    Alexis Arrazcaeta 

    ES Faculty Support
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