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  • Academic Accommodations Policy

    The Academic Accommodations Policy may be found in the Family Handbook or click here.

    Parents of students requesting academic accommodations in the classroom must submit documentation to verify their child’s eligibility. Proper documentation consists of a current psycho-educational evaluation (required for a learning difference or ADHD) or a medical evaluation that addresses specific academic needs of your child. Academic evaluations are considered current for a period of up to five years. These academic evaluations should be sent to Tracie Belt for Middle and Upper Schools, or to Miriam Pardoll for The Experiential and Lower Schools.
  • Tutoring/Therapy Locations

    The location for tutoring/therapy sessions will be arranged at the time of registration. These include The Learning Center located in the Haskell Library, rooms in the Middle and Upper Schools, etc. It is essential that parents be prompt in picking up their children if sessions occur after the school day.
  • General Policies

    Download our TLC General Policies here, or read them below.

    Your child’s tutor and/or therapy sessions will be coordinated with his/her teacher. We attempt to work around playground time and academic instruction as these can affect your child’s attitude about coming to The Learning Center and performance in the classroom as much as possible.
    If your child is absent from school, please notify the tutor/therapist as soon as possible and by the start of the school day at the very latest. Prior notice allows the tutor/therapist to use his/her time more efficiently and is greatly appreciated. This will also allow the tutor/therapist time to schedule a make-up session for your child. (See Billing, below.)
    When special school activities conflict with your child’s sessions, we will make every attempt to schedule a make-up session.
    When the tutor/therapist knows in advance that they will be absent, you and your child’s teacher will be notified. If the tutor/therapist is out unexpectedly, the teacher will be notified and they will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
    At The Learning Center, we use a team approach to offer the best possible services for your child. Each child’s team is different but will include The Learning Center Coordinator, therapists, tutors, classroom teachers, Heads of Schools, etc. as appropriate. We will communicate with you regularly. Contact us with any questions or concerns. If you would like a conference, please let your tutor, therapist, and/or Learning Center Coordinator know. Teachers may also be part of the conference.
    Speech/OT Therapy
    Your child will be provided with a folder. This folder should be brought home by your child and returned to school on his/her scheduled days. The folder will contain notes and/or activity pages for you to review and practice with your child to reinforce therapy progress. Please date and initial new pages as you see them so that we know the folder is getting home to you.
    Academic Tutoring/Executive Function Coach
    Each tutor will communicate to you directly using a folder with notes/work samples or through email. Please make sure to check regularly for this communication. Your tutor will explain how they will communicate with you.

    Behavioral Therapy/Social Skills Groups/Counseling
    Therapists will communicate primarily through email. In some instances communication will be over the phone, especially for private, confidential matters. With appropriate releases, communication will also occur with the teachers to help provide appropriate support in the classroom. Private/confidential matters can be discussed without teacher involvement. The therapist will communicate with parents and/or teachers weekly to ensure ongoing communication. Please make sure to check email regularly for this communication. 
    Copies of Reports:
    With a signed release of information (found on this page), copies of your child’s evaluation, progress, and discharge reports will be provided to the school.
    If your child is/has been evaluated for learning, developmental, psychological, neurological, or medical concerns which may be significant to his/her tutoring/therapy program, please sign a release which will allow the person or agency evaluating your child to share pertinent information with the The Learning Center tutors/therapists.
    Your child may be dismissed from tutoring/therapy for any of the following reasons:
    1. Upon reaching age appropriate or developmentally appropriate levels.
    2. When progress has reached a plateau for a period of two consecutive months.
    3. Nonpayment of service fees.
    4. Upon your request.
  • Billing

    Download our TLC Billing Policies here, or read them below.

    Session Times:
    Unless arranged with the tutor/therapist, sessions will be scheduled for a minimum of 30 minutes for Experiential School and Lower School students, and a minimum of 45-60 minutes for Middle and Upper School students.
    Payment for the month’s sessions is due within 30 days after receiving an invoice from the business office.
    Fees (non-refundable)
    Individual tutoring (general) 60 minutes $70
    Individual tutoring (general) 45 minutes $55
    Individual tutoring (general) 30 minutes $35

    Small group tutoring (minimum twice a week) 45 minutes $18/session
    Speech/Language Evaluation: each 30-minute session = $60
    (two to four 30 minute sessions with a parent meeting free of charge)
    Speech/Language Therapy: 30 minutes $60
    Occupational Therapy Evaluation: $250
    (includes observations, initial parent and teacher meetings, report with recommendations)
    Occupational Therapy: 30 minutes $60

    Behavioral Therapy Initial Consultation: $250
    (includes observations, initial parent and teacher meetings, report with recommendations)
    Behavioral Therapy/Counseling with student: 40 minutes $90
    Follow-Up School Meetings: $90
    Team collaboration/consultations, behavior planning with the treatment team, and communication with parents will be billed on the half hour: $60

    Social Skills Group: $250 for 7 week session
    (includes two 40 minute sessions per week)

    Executive Function Skill Coaching Initial Consultation: $150
    (includes observations; initial parent and teacher meetings; synthesis of supporting documents; summary of priority recommendations and plan)
    One-to-One Executive Function Skill Coaching: $125 for a weekly, 60-minute session; $90 for a weekly 40-minute session ($165 for two 40 minute sessions weekly)
    Team collaboration/ consultations and communication with parents will be billed on the half hour: $60
    Middle School preparation (small group): 40 minutes (2x/week): $500 for 8 weeks
    Other Fees
    Returned check fee $25
    Late payment fee (30 days after the due date) $15
    Every five days thereafter in addition $15

    Cancellation Policy:
    Each time slot is reserved specifically for your child. Due to the time commitment of the tutor/therapist, notification is required due to illness before the start of the school day. Otherwise, all cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. Regular fees will be assessed for all other cancellations and “no shows”. Shorecrest reserves the right to suspend our tutoring/therapy services for nonpayment or excessive cancellation or “no shows”.

    Click to download, sign and return the Billing Policies.
  • Cancellation Policy

    If it becomes necessary to cancel a session, please contact TLC 24 hours in advance. Failure to cancel an appointment in advance will result in your account being charged for the cost of the session. If your child becomes ill, please call the appropriate school TLC Coordinator/Director as soon as possible, so that we may cancel the session for you.
  • Authorization for release of information

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What if my child is falling behind in a class or subject?

    During your child’s educational career, there may be times when your child falls behind and needs individualized help. Students can work with an experienced specialist/tutor for a couple of hours per week to address academic areas needing support.
  • What if my child needs a different approach?

    Shorecrest respects all learners and treats each individually. One-to-one tutoring removes distractions and personalizes the student’s educational experience.

    Some examples of learning differences include dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, attentional challenges, anxiety, or a combination of these. Some students have a specific learning difference while others have challenges with processing information, memory, and/or executive functioning that impact their ability to organize, plan, or initiate tasks. We have specialists who have the training and experience to assist your child academically using research-based programs such as Orton-Gillingham. In addition, our Director and Coordinator work regularly with faculty and students to ensure success in the classroom.
  • What if my child is bored/frustrated?

    Some children need enrichment to satisfy their innate curiosity and enthusiasm for knowledge during the educational process - for a variety of reasons. Our specialists can provide enrichment to these students in specific curriculum topics allowing them to broaden and deepen their understanding of advanced concepts.
  • Can my child receive organizational support?

    Our tutors and academic coaches work with students to find strategies that work to help with study skills, organization, and other executive functioning skills. With Shorecrest’s project-based focus, these are important skills that often need to be taught and practiced with a supportive, knowledgeable professional.
  • Do you provide Occupational Therapy or Speech/Language Therapy?

    We have experienced Occupational Therapists and Speech/Language Therapists who work on campus to provide therapy for students. They communicate regularly with parents and teachers to foster a strong team approach that maximizes skill development for students at home and in the classroom.
  • How do you accommodate a student's busy schedule?

    Our tutors use flexible scheduling which make it easier to arrange enrichment or support for athletes, performers, and many other individuals who require flexibility in their education.
  • Where does tutoring take place?

    The location for tutoring/therapy sessions will be arranged at the time of registration. These include the Learning Center located in the Lower School, rooms in the Middle and Upper schools, library, etc. It is essential that parents be prompt in picking up their children if sessions occur after the school day.
  • How does The Learning Center help parents?

    Parenting can be stressful and challenging at times. We are here for you! The staff at the Learning Center provides support and resources to parents on a regular basis. Our TLC staff including the Director, Coordinator, Specialists, and Therapists regularly meet with parents.

    Some examples include:
    • Need for specific resources
    • Educational evaluation information
    • Need for TLC specialist or therapist
    • Understand their children’s learning style
    • Awareness of accommodations
    • How teachers provide support and accommodations
    • Learning about technology tools to help students efficiently reach their academic goals

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    Tracie Belt 

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    Miriam Pardoll 

    Assoc. Director of The Learning Center, Coordinator for Experiential and Lower Schools
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    LS/MS Literacy Specialist
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