Coed, independent, PK3-12th grade school in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Services included with Tuition

  • Consultation with parents regarding any academic concerns
  • Informal assessment of individual students highlighting their strengths and areas for growth
  • Assist teachers with supplemental instructional methods for individualizing and differentiating instruction
  • Screenings by speech/language and occupational therapists
  • Assistive technology (including text to speech, dictation, etc.) and related support
  • Liaison between parents, students, and faculty to provide guidance and expertise to help students reach their educational goals
  • Provide students with an extra line of academic support when necessary. Parents are encouraged to contact The Learning Center for guidance with their student's educational needs.
  • Suggest strategies and provide information on how to help students become more independent, active learners
  • Provide a lending library for various topics such as parenting, learning differences, and study skills
  • Offer testing accommodations for qualified students (see academic accommodation policy)
  • Work collaboratively with faculty in and out of the classroom
  • Coordinate team meetings
  • Coordinate the referral process for educational evaluations:
Families requesting teachers to complete any observation forms required by an evaluation center must send the forms directly to The Learning Center for distribution to your child’s current teachers. (See Family Handbook for more information.) The referral process begins with the classroom teacher, who confers with the Director or Coordinator of the Learning Center to determine the appropriate educational plan. Cost of diagnostic testing and need-based instruction is determined by length of the sessions. Any diagnostic testing sessions that are provided by such specialists will be billed directly from these specialists, who establish their fees when conferring with parents.

Specialized Academic Tutoring

Specialists in The Learning Center are committed to providing individualized tutoring for any student Kindergarten -12th grade who wants to enrich or add learning techniques, study skills, or organizational skills to make learning more productive and effective.

Specialists are fully credentialed in the subject areas they teach. Additionally, The Learning Center includes specialists with advanced training in the Wilson System, Barton System, and Orton-Gillingham which are multisensory, structured language approaches to teach reading and writing.

Tutoring for Middle and Upper School students happens either after school or during a free period during the school day. Tutoring for Lower School students happens either during the school day or after school.

English Language Learners (ELL)

Our specialized tutors provide support specific to the needs of English Language Learners. Students understand and learn the content in their classes as well as the direct English language instruction through direct teaching with their tutors and classroom teachers. For more information on how Shorecrest welcomes and supports our international families, click here.

Small Group Instruction

Small group instruction in reading or math is often used in the Lower School to more fully address our Lower School students’ unique learning needs. The Experiential/Lower School Coordinator Miriam Pardoll works collaboratively with individual teachers to place students into small learning groups based on their ability and skill levels. We can meet our students at their present level of performance to remediate foundational skills, build confidence and ultimately find student success. These small groups also allow for increased engagement and more targeted intervention and instruction.

TLC also has a primary reading specialist who is available to work collaboratively with teachers to enhance reading practice, develop fluency, support vocabulary development, maximize individual and whole-class learning as well as monitor progress.


Speech/Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists work with teachers, parents, and students to make sure students reach their potential. Many of our students receive speech and language therapy and/or occupational therapy during the school day. This allows the students to learn skills that will directly impact their academic and social learning in and out of the classroom.

Speech Therapy Services
  • Download paperwork here
  • Evaluation: School-based assessments may be segmented into 30-minute sessions of two-to-four sessions depending on the amount of assessment necessary to determine the course of therapy. Rate is $60 per 30-minute session. If the family of provider requests a comprehensive written evaluation, an additional charge will be added.
  • Individual Therapy Session: 30-minute session (25 minutes of one-on-one therapist time with your child and 5 minutes to return to class and discuss session with teacher as necessary) $60. We do not bill insurance companies for services provided. However, we will provide you with the necessary invoices and codes to submit a claim to your insurance company.
  • Screening: No charge
  • Parent and/or Teacher conferences: No charge
Occupational Therapy Services
  • Download paperwork here
  • Initial Evaluation: School-based assessments will be segmented into 30-minute sessions of three to four sessions depending on the amount of assessment necessary to determine if therapy is appropriate. A comprehensive evaluation report and a meeting with the parent(s) are included. The total charge is $250.
  • Individual Therapy Session: A 30-minute session is charged at $60.
  • Screening: No charge
  • Parent and/or Teacher conferences:  No charge
Behavior Therapy/Counseling
Behavior therapy and counseling is provided by our licensed Psychologist. Behavior therapy uses the principles of learning to increase positive behaviors and decrease undesirable behaviors that children may be exhibiting in the classroom/school environment. In behavior therapy, the context that the behavior occurs in is evaluated to determine if there is any specific trigger or consequence that may be maintaining the behavior. This therapy often involves reinforcement. In addition, our Psychologist may provide individual counseling sessions with students.

Social Skills Groups
Social skills groups, led by our licensed Psychologist, are targeted for children who struggle understanding the nuances of social interactions. The social skills groups are tailored to meet the needs of the students comprising each group. Topics will range in focus and may include the following: emotional control, flexibility, perspective taking, and communication. This is a non-judgmental setting in which participants can practice their newly learned skills with peers who are experiencing similar difficulties.

Executive Functioning Coach
Executive function skill coaching provides essential tools that build confidence and necessary skills for success in life. Coaching is a process that builds routines and habits over time that develop executive function skills to help students achieve success independently. Executive Function Skills targeted include Planning, Prioritizing, Time Management, Sustained Attention/Focus, Task Switching, Organization, Inhibition, Metacognition, Goal Directed Persistence, Working Memory, Emotional Regulation, Self-Advocacy, and Overall sense of self-awareness.

Upper School / College Testing Accommodations

Academic Support and accommodations for families in the Upper School is provided by Student Support Teacher Ron Heller. Mr. Heller provides proctoring for school-based testing, ensures that psychological and medically approved accommodations are adhered to, and provides advocacy for students with accommodations and ESOL with both the College Board (PSAT, SAT and AP exams) and the ACT. Learn more on the US Accommodations webpage.

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