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Meet Cecilia Garcia, Salutatorian

Ask anyone at Shorecrest about Cecilia (Ceci) Garcia and themes of academic achievement, respect, kindness, and determination immediately arise. “Ceci is an extraordinary young woman-- hard-working, humble, talented, infinitely professional,” sayid Bill Leavongood ‘78, Ceci’s Theater Instructor. “She not only brings a smile to everyone's face, but she is always available to help others while still maintaining the beat of her own drum.”

Like many of her classmates, she has left an indelible imprint throughout the campus. In the classroom, she has achieved great success in a variety of different classes but also adds a passion and curiosity that creates an amazing tone for the class. Ceci was named the Class of 2020’s Salutatorian.

Ceci was born and essentially raised in central, rural Kansas before moving to Florida to begin her sophomore year at high school. When she transferred to Shorecrest she already maintained a strong GPA. She comes from a close knit and supportive family of five where education receives top priority. 

Ceci is gifted with a sharp intellect, but she is also very perceptive. Add to that an ability to comprehend material and situations and it brings us to astute. Ceci has the ability to accurately assess information, situations and people and turn this to her advantage in the classroom and in life. While most students struggle to make the transition to Shorecrest’s rigorous curriculum, Ceci excelled. Notably, junior year was one of her best, where she earned a near-perfect GPA, all without taking any free periods (something very few students choose to do at Shorecrest). 

Ceci has found her passion in musical theatre. Being a part of Upper School Performing Arts is a 24/7 commitment; and rehearsal schedules rival those of working professionals in the industry. Even when she isn’t working on a show, Ceci participates in dance and vocal lessons outside of Shorecrest. Using the stage as a platform to convey messages is a key reason that Ceci wants to pursue a degree in Musical Theatre.
While Ceci is a member of our Upper School Band and plays the Trombone, she isn’t one to toot her own horn; she’s humble at her core. She puts her theatrical skills to good use, as one of our most dedicated Student Ambassadors (competitively vetted and selected by key administrators on campus.) As an Ambassador, Ceci meets prospective students and families to give them a tour of our campus as well as sits on panels for admission events. 

Ceci also has a love for history, which is evident on her transcript and AP class selection, and is an active member in our annual, traveling Model UN competition. 

“In my free time, I enjoy learning about history, especially ancient world history. I have always loved stories, and some of the stories that have stemmed from history are the most intriguing of all. I used to watch crash course world history for fun in sixth grade (I never got beyond Mesopotamia, but that was my favorite civilization so I didn't mind.) I love learning about how life worked back then, and the relationships between families, men and women, and classes.” Ceci told Shorecrest. “It is interesting to find similarities and differences in modern life as well, or even see how the world used to be more open to certain ideas than it is now. I find the similarities between the past and the present fascinating. I love looking at the culture of then and now and seeing what has changed and trying to figure out why.”

With all of her academic achievements, community service and leadership activities, it really is no surprise that Ceci was also voted the Class of 2020’s Outstanding Senior. The Outstanding Senior is a longstanding Shorecrest tradition, going back to the first graduating class in 1976. One Charger from the senior class is selected by the faculty as someone who demonstrates the best qualities and characteristics of a Shorecrest student: leadership, scholarship, mentorship and service. The Outstanding Senior is a student who is engaged and articulate and respected by their peers. The 2020 Outstanding Senior, Ceci Garcia, represents these and more. 

“Ceci is a student who always goes above and beyond - in her work ethic, in her treatment of others, in her approach to theater.” said Courtney Ellis ‘02, Upper School  counselor and AP Psychology teacher. “She is extremely well-rounded and carries an intrinsic motivation that some students lack.”

Ceci’s long list of accolades at Shorecrest include membership in National Honor Society, Cum Laude Society, Spanish Honor Society, International Thespian Society, Princeton University Book Award recipient and National Hispanic Scholar. This Treasurer of Thespian Troupe 3140 has also been awarded Outstanding Thespian, Outstanding Dance Student, Scholar Thespian, Directors’ Choice Award and Triple Threat Award by Upper School Performing Arts. She will attend Penn State University, and is invited to return to Shorecrest to give the Commencement address for the Class of 2030.

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