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Meet Jonathan Dacres

Jonathan Dacres is a young man consistently in search of the right beat. Whether it is the rhythm he creates with the sticks of a drum or the rhythmic beating of the heart he hears through the stethoscope, beats seem to be at the center of Jonathan’s future. Those who know him best attest to the constant pulse of responsibility, compassion, and intellect that drives him, whether it be on the field, on the stage, or in the classroom.

On the sidelines of most sports practices and games, it would appear that the Shorecrest athletic trainer has a shadow. Matching every move or watching attentively, Jonathan has worked as an intern with the school athletics department since his freshman year. He’s taken baseline concussion measurements for student athletes, lead specific therapeutic stretches, and has become the “go-to guy” for getting an injury taped. When the school announced the launch of The Center for Medical Sciences, an applied sciences track for high school students, Jonathan was naturally one of the first to enroll.

According to Jonathan, “The program has opened the door for so many opportunities in the medical field, not only for me but for all of the students. I thoroughly enjoyed going to watch surgeries and shadowing surgeons and taking tours of clinics and hospitals and learning about all these different professions. It's great!” 
In addition to helping to take care of athletes, Jonathan is also one himself. He’s been a part of the Shorecrest football team for all four years of Upper School.

For years, he’s been cultivating his career interest and utilizing every resource available to him along the way. His dedication to physical therapy/athletic training can be rivaled only by his musical talents.

Last spring, when Shorecrest presented “The Phantom of the Opera,” Jonathan’s portrayal of the Phantom connected the audience with the tortured, lovable, misunderstood character. Jonathan recalls, “In Phantom, I really enjoyed learning how to become a character on stage, not just act like one.” Jonathan was so committed to the role, he even shaved his head for the opening performance.

This spring Jonathan took the lead in yet another iconic musical, the most ambitious that the Shorecrest musical theatre program had ever attempted - “Les Misérables.” Jonathan played Jean Valjean to a packed house in the Janet Root Theatre. Jonathan says, “Les Misérables definitely helped me understand what it is to act with emotion and really connect with a character.”

When asked how he finds balance in his competing interests in theatre and athletics, Jonathan says, “Balancing athletics and theatre is both hard but fun! Because I've dedicated so much time into both, it becomes like a puzzle fitting in pieces when necessary and trying to find what fits. Yes, sometimes sacrifices have to be made, but thanks to the administration in both categories, things get a lot easier.”

Jonathan credits his musical theatre directors and coaches with shaping his interest in theatre. According to Jonathan, “My most influential teacher at Shorecrest could not be limited to just one. I actually believe that I have gotten the most out of the musical theatre teaching staff more than anything! They have helped me find a new light in myself and help me reach my potential.” 
Jonathan’s near ubiquity on the athletic field, as athlete or as trainer, paired with his command of not one but two sold-out theatrical productions, makes it difficult to envision a Shorecrest Class of 2017 without Jonathan Dacres. But, ask Jonathan, and he may tell you that Shorecrest wasn’t even on his radar initially.

“Originally, Shorecrest was not on my list of high schools at all. I was a die hard Canterbury guy until I realized what Shorecrest had to offer.” Jonathan’s brother, Ray-Charles, attended Canterbury and Jonathan assumed that he would follow in his footsteps after finishing middle school at Academy Prep.

“But the amount of opportunities that I receive for just being a student at Shorecrest is amazing! Shorecrest has lived up to and exceeded my expectations of high school.” Jonathan insists.  

From Shorecrest, Jonathan will attend the University of Tampa where he plans to continue to pursue both musical theatre and sports medicine.

Asked for advice for the Class of 2018, in the upbeat fashion his teachers and friends know and love, Jonathan shares, “You got this! Don't worry about the one test you have or your grade in this class now! Yes it matter now, but your success doesn't end with a grade you receive on a dead tree. Your success lies in how hard you plan to push yourself and really make your dream your reality.”
    • Dacres brought audiences to tears as Jean Valjean in the spring 2017 musical

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