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The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 to be a worldwide pandemic. As outlined in the Health & Safety Statement, the School is implementing substantial processes to help avoid the risk of transmission of COVID on the School’s campus. The safety of the School community depends upon all persons doing their part to ensure safety not just for themselves, but for the entire community.

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  • Chargers Athletics & Extracurriculars

    Each Chargers Athletics team will develop comprehensive health and safety protocols for both practice and competition which are posted at

    The Health and Safety Task Force has recommended that a limited number of fans be allowed to attend on-campus, home games
    • Spectators are limited to 2 per athlete for both Shorecrest and opposing teams and must RSVP through each team's Head Coach. 
    • Coaches will send RSVP information directly to players and their families with more information, including the deadline to RSVP their attendance. 
    • Spectators must check in upon arriving at the sporting event venue. 
    • Only guests whose names are on the RSVP list will be allowed entry. 
    • All spectators must be masked, remain socially distanced from other pairs of fans, and sit in clearly marked seats during the event. 
    This policy applies to Shorecrest-hosted, on-campus sporting events. Adherence to the Health and Safety guidelines will help ensure that Shorecrest can continue to welcome fans to athletic events on campus. Shorecrest will adhere to the policies and practices set forth by off-campus athletic venues.

    Students in the SPS Broadcasting Club will continue to livestream games via @ChargersBeMore on Twitter. Games/matches in the Crisp Gym will also be streamed to the Shorecrest YouTube channel -

    For more information about health and safety modifications to Chargers Athletics, visit

    We intend to offer some extracurriculars for the 2020-2021 school year as long as those activities can be modified to meet our health and safety guidelines. Specific details for each activity will be published by the respective director or advisor on the appropriate webpage or internal PowerSchool Learning page. 
  • Protocols for Fully Vaccinated Staff, Faculty and Students

    With the release and roll-out of COVID-19 vaccinations, Shorecrest will follow the CDC guidelines regarding quarantining when fully vaccinated. All staff, faculty and students who are fully vaccinated (two weeks after their second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, or two weeks after the single-dose Johnson & Johnson's Janssen COVID-19 vaccine) will NOT need to be quarantined after exposure to COVID-19 if they meet the criteria of being a close contact unless they are exhibiting symptoms. 
    Even with vaccinations, we will continue the mitigation processes that have been so crucial to Shorecrest's success in avoiding the risk of transmission of COVID-19 on the School’s campus. Everyone will still need to monitor symptoms daily, wear a mask when in shared spaces with others, practice social distancing and use proper hand hygiene. Faculty/staff will still complete a daily attestation form to account for their wellness. The safety of the School community depends upon all persons doing their part to ensure safety not just for themselves, but for the entire community.
    If you have been vaccinated please send Nurse Conroy a copy of your documentation reflecting your dates of vaccination. This will be required to be deemed not a "close contact" during our contact tracing efforts.
    This has been added to our Health & Safety Statement.
  • Shortened Quarantine Policy for Close Contacts

    (April 1, 2021) Based on the recent announcement from the CDC regarding a shortened quarantine period for those exposed to COVID-19, and with consideration of local circumstances and resources, the Health & Safety Task Force will implement a 10-day quarantine period specifically for asymptomatic close contacts. Quarantine can end after 10 days without testing and if no symptoms have been reported during daily monitoring. 

    After stopping quarantine, you should:
    • Watch for symptoms until 14 days after exposure.
    • If you have symptoms, immediately self-isolate, notify the school nurse and contact your local public health authority or healthcare provider.
    • Wear a mask, stay at least 6 feet from others, wash your hands frequently, avoid crowds, and take other steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Community Information Dashboard

    Shorecrest developed a Community Information Dashboard that is updated weekly to enable our community to access information about COVID-related health concerns on-campus. Families of any potential close contacts will be contacted directly, per the process outlined below. Rather than send an all-school letter each time there is a case, this community information is accessible in the Health & Safety section of PowerSchool Learning. (A login is required.) The Dashboard will include number of reported infections of faculty, staff or students, number of students enrolled in Flexible Learning and number of students who are quarantined. These statistics are by division, by week. COVID cases are updated on the dashboard intro slide in real time, graphs are updated weekly by 3pm on Friday.
  • Positive Test Communication Plan

    When we are notified of a positive test of a student, staff member, or other individual who has been physically present on our campus, our steps are: 

    1. School Nurse and Administration will be notified.

    2. Nurse will contact the Department of Health in Pinellas County Epidemiology Program. 

    3. Staff/nurse will contact (by phone) appropriate staff, and all parents/guardians of any students on campus who may have been a close contact of the diagnosed individual within the previous 48 hours. Parents/guardians of potential close contacts will be asked to pick up their children; staff will be asked to leave campus and continue work remotely, if possible.
    • All school-led contact tracing will protect confidentiality of the diagnosed while providing the necessary details to those potentially exposed. All self-reported cases of COVID-19 will be confirmed with the DOH-Epidemiology before any family notification is done.
    • If the school is notified of a case or exposure after 7pm, contact tracing/notification will begin as soon as possible the next day. 
    4. Appropriate areas of campus where an infected individual was present will be closed for up to 2-5 days for deep cleaning & disinfecting. Areas will reopen after completion of deep cleaning.

    5. The DOH will begin contact tracing with the assistance of the Shorecrest staff and will notify those individuals who will need to self quarantine for 14 days. Potential close contacts who were determined not to have been exposed will also be notified via email and may return to campus if the appropriate area(s) has been cleared to open (see #4). The investigation into close contacts may take up to 5 days.

    6. Those who are determined to have been in close contact with the individual testing positive will be instructed to quarantine for 14 days per the DOH.
    • Close contact is defined as within 6' or less, for 15 minutes or more, masked or unmasked, within 48 hours of the diagnosed individual's first sign of symptoms or date of test. 
    7. Individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 may return to campus once:
    • 10 days have passed since the first symptoms, AND
    • Symptoms have improved, AND
    • They have been fever-free for 24 hours without medication, AND
    • They have a return to school note from a health care provider.
    8. All siblings and those living in the home of someone who tests positive must self quarantine for 14 days even if they receive a negative test.

    Any student who has been required to quarantine or isolate because of an exposure or diagnosis may enroll in the appropriate Flexible Learning cohort to continue their instruction. If/when entire classrooms are involved, the class will move into all-class Distance Learning; all students will receive virtual instruction.


Nancy Spencer, Head of School

Lisa Wylie, CFO

Donna Conroy, School Nurse
Dave Sharlow, Operations Director 

Dr. Anna Baralt, Director of Educational Technology
Rachel Barrett, Director of Marketing & Communications
Dr. Jean Spencer-Carnes, Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management

Shorecrest Health & Safety Task Force

Goal: Collectively establish policy recommendations for approval by Shorecrest Administration to ensure a safe reopening of campus amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Adam Befeler: Chief of Neurosurgery at St. Anthony's Hospital, a member of the COVID-19 hospital task force; Shorecrest parent
Dr. Ali Messina: Chairman of the Division of Infectious Disease at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital 
Dr. Adam Prawer '01: Medical Director for the Westminster Communities, Family Physician; Shorecrest parent & alumnus 
Dr. David Wein: Chief of Emergency Medicine, Tampa General Hospital; Shorecrest parent
Dr. Sarah Ribeiro: Covid Strategy Committee Chair, Shorecrest Board of Trustees; Shorecrest parent & trustee, Former Deputy Mayor of Schools and Policy - City of St. Petersburg
Mrs. Jennifer Casanta: Shorecrest parent & SCA Board member
Ms. Donna Conroy, RN: School Nurse
Ms. Nancy L. Spencer: Head of School
Mrs. Rachel Barrett: Director of Marketing & Communications
Mr. Michael Gillis: Director of Advancement
Ms. Kristine Grant: Head of Middle School
Mrs. Donna Novell: Director of Human Resources
Mr. Dave Sharlow: Operations Director
Mr. Jeremy Simpkins: Shorecrest Food Services Director, SAGE Dining

Social and Emotional Health Task Force

Led by Shorecrest counselors Courtney Ellis '02 (Upper School) and Kate Fierce (Lower and Middle Schools), the Social & Emotional Task Force works to support the emotional and mental wellness of Shorecrest students and families amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the counselors’ PowerSchool Learning pages, you can find a vetted list of outside counseling providers as well many resources to support students and families during turbulent times.

Additional details about the work of the Social & Emotional Task Force can be found in the Health & Safety Statement.

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