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MS Robotics Win Innovative Solution Award and More

by Dr. Anna Baralt, Director of Educational Technology
The Middle School Robotics teams (Team 1448/The Force and Team 1449/The R2D2s) competed against thirty-nine teams at the West Florida FIRST Lego League Regional tournament on February 23, 2019,  in Plant City, FL.

Both teams had great success!

Team 1448/The Force, made up of first year robotics students, received the Judges Award for their great effort across all categories - Robot, Project and Core Values, and for their positive, never give up attitude.

Team 1449/The R2D2s was awarded the Innovative Solution Award. Additionally, they were nominated for the Global Innovation Award. This year, teams were challenged to identify a physical or social problem faced by humans during long duration space exploration and propose a solution. The R2D2s designed a lymphatic massage suit to help improve the flow of lymph fluids throughout the body. Currently, astronauts experience face edema, shifting fluids and headaches due to exceed fluid that builds up in the head and upper torso while in microgravity.

The R2D2s will soon be meeting with a patent attorney to research and apply for a provisional patent. They will also need to submit their solution and supplemental materials (engineering notebook, research, presentation materials) to a panel of global judges by the end of March. If selected, they will be one of 20 teams to become Innovation Ambassadors, and they will travel to California for a final awards ceremony at the end of June.

In addition, the R2D2s received a bid for the State Competition on April 6! There were 8 bids to States from the West Florida region. They are preparing for that presentation as well.

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