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US Inventor and Inventions Projects

by Ron Heller, US History Teacher
Students in Mr. Heller's Honors History class were asked to select an inventor and an invention from the 19th or 20th Centuries and recreate the invention utilizing a 3D printer. Each student answered the question: "In what way has the invention been improved upon today?" This was supplemented with a research paper in which they looked at the obstacles that each inventor faced and the successes that were ultimately achieved. Primary sources were taken from the NYT Archives (Time Machine) and
Students used 3D modeling to recreate inventions from the past. These included the U.S.S. Monitor, an early telephone, the Wright Brothers Flyer, a 1920s refrigerator and radio. Using a web-based program called TinkerCAD, students downloaded images from which were able to manipulate geometric solids in 3D. Over a number of weeks, they created models on their computers that they were able to send to Shorecrest's 3D printers.

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