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When Hard Work Pays Off

by Mike Murphy, Headmaster
This past weekend I started hearing stories from parents of students from the Class of 2019. Some were enrolled in the summer term at their new universities and others were just getting started as fall semester freshmen. The messages were consistent. Graduates were reporting to parents that they were totally prepared and their academic challenges in many cases were not as rigorous as the ones they faced in the Upper School at Shorecrest. Our graduates are getting good grades. In addition are the stories of our most recent graduates taking on leadership positions at their new schools. Clearly, this is beautiful music to the ears of their parents and great signs for the future success of our graduates.

Also this past week, our swimmers, cross county team, girls golf team and football teams all experienced bites out of the apple of success with important victories. My guess is that few people in our community realize how much work our student-athletes invest during the summer preparing for their sports. Knowing that they are now winning games and meets and exceeding their personal bests on land and in the water must be very gratifying. Yet, we know the athletic seasons have just started, and many of our student-athletes will not peak until District, Regional and State meets. Persistence and hard work may not be rewarded until later this year. 

There are also many developmental and personal efforts made by children during the summer and into the school year that lead to amazing achievements. I wonder how many of our high achieving Middle School and Upper School students walk through The Learning Center and recall the occupational therapy sessions and speech and language lessons they experienced that have led to their success and achievement today. The work of teachers, tutors, specialists and family members to support children with developmental delays and learning differences may be one of the most under-appreciated and unnoticed elements in school. One cannot force development. We cannot flip a switch on a learning difference and expect instantaneous progress. The teachers who work with students in The Learning Center and other tutorial centers know that patience, persistence and knowledge that children who are taught to work on skills and methods will reach their full potential. The success is far more subtle than winning a race or a game but the reward is even greater because it lasts a lifetime.

Three cheers to our hard working students and the adults who support them! Go Chargers!



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