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Contributing Chargers: The Oman Family

by Olivia Segalman, Director of Donor Relations and Advancement Services
Shorecrest’s Mission is only made possible by the generosity of our parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends who support the school philanthropically or by effecting change locally, globally or right here at Shorecrest. We call these community members Contributing Chargers.

This week we would like to recognize first grade teacher and parent of two current Chargers, Christine Oman. Mrs. Oman joined the Shorecrest community in 2012. As a current parent and faculty member through the last eight years she has seen the lasting impact of a Shorecrest education. As Contributing Chargers, her family supports the school philanthropically and through her commitment to the School as an educator, parent and volunteer. 

“Shorecrest is deeply embedded into my life, as it has given me the wonderful opportunity to do meaningful work with children; it has introduced me to co-workers and student families who have permanently and positively impacted my life; and it is the place where my own children have created lasting school memories while meeting friends they will have into adulthood. Shorecrest is a school of perpetual growth in the right direction. If parents could see the camaraderie and dedication behind the scenes between colleagues, the way the different schools work together with the common goal of educating our students, and the support that the administration gives us to do so, they would have an even deeper appreciation of Shorecrest than they already have. 

“Giving to Shorecrest means that I put my heart Into teaching during and after hours. I make sure to proudly represent our school outside the confines of our buildings through positive conversations in the community. It also means that a part of my paycheck is put aside for the Shorecrest Fund. It is not lost on me that I directly benefit from this as a teacher, and my children, who are in seventh and ninth grade, are also positively impacted by the programs that are made possible by the Shorecrest Fund. I see the benefits of the collective gifts of time, talent and treasure to Shorecrest on a daily basis. Whether it is using technology, reading a new book to my class, receiving training in diversity and inclusion, or the having laminated class creations come back from Helping Hands, I know that my family's contributions, when combined with those of others, make Shorecrest the outstanding school it is today and are the building blocks for continued growth. 

“Our family has chosen to not only give financially, but we donate our time and talent whenever possible. My husband, Chris, has helped coach the girls' softball and basketball teams for several years (shout out to the 11-0 basketball season the awesome athletes had last year!) He has also hosted field trips to his construction sites for kindergarten and first grade classes. We get involved and participate in as many after school activities as we can. We realize, however, the benefits we receive from being active at Shorecrest far outweigh any sacrifices we make.

“I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for the faculty who have made a direct impact on Adelaide (‘24) and Cole (‘26). They talk about their teachers every day, and I witness their impact and influence that is helping to shape them. Likewise, I have partnered with my own students' parents, and I hope they realize that once I have a child in my class, that I always consider them mine in spirit and in my heart. We have the most wonderful families at Shorecrest, and I have loved building relationships with them with the common goal of loving and supporting their children. This is a perfect example of the 360-degree experiences that Shorecrest has to offer.”

The Advancement Team would like to thank Mrs. Oman for all of her hard work this year. She has gone above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of her students while still making school fun! It is faculty and staff, like Mrs. Oman and her family, who have made the success of this year possible. (Check out the fun the Oman family had during quarantine!)

The impact of our Contributing Chargers is felt every day. When we make a gift or volunteer our time to Shorecrest, we are really just giving back to each other. 

Click here to support the Shorecrest Fund or email Olivia Segalman, Director of Donor Relations and Advancement Services, to share your and other Contributing Charger stories.

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