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Contributing Chargers: The Dunn Family

by Olivia Segalman, Director of Donor Relations and Advancement Services
Shorecrest’s Mission is augmented by the generosity of our parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends who support the school philanthropically or by effecting change locally, globally or right here at Shorecrest. We call these community members Contributing Chargers.

This week we recognize Lower School family, Jen and Greg Dunn. Sports and athletics have been an integral part of their family’s life before joining Shorecrest. As the Dunn family starts their second year as Chargers, they hope to inspire students to become better classmates and teammates and build a legacy through their support of the school. Shorecrest families like the Dunn family are making significant gifts in celebration of Athletics. They hope to inspire others to join them in supporting Shorecrest Fund and Chargers Athletics

“From the beginning, the Shorecrest community has embraced us. The sense of comradery, giving and culture could not serve the school any better. It all starts with leadership and best practices, which are very strong. For our son Will, it has been an easy and rewarding acclimation becoming a Charger. 

We hope other families will feel as we do about Shorecrest, and give to support the personal growth that comes through athletic programs. We all are building a legacy here at Shorecrest, and your gifts will only elevate the rich tradition that we are proud of. 

Shorecrest, as we know, is rich in history. Our children have available to them an abundance of tools and guidance in order for them to get ahead and flourish. It is important that with the facilities we have in place, athletics are stressed and opportunities are provided throughout all of the grades. We as a community must get behind the athletic programs, support them to our fullest, and create something special that other schools can aspire to.

Athletics not only provide all of us with a sense of accomplishment and pride, they help inspire students to become better classmates and teammates. Being part of a sports organization helps kids with self-confidence and respect, not to mention the pleasure and satisfaction they garner from the experience.

Giving back to the community is the one thing we can all do. It takes form in many ways and we have always tried to do what we could. Shorecrest is an absolute gem and we are all very lucky to have it and its resources in our community.” - Jen and Greg Dunn

The impact of our Contributing Chargers is felt every day. When we make a gift or volunteer our time to Shorecrest, we are really just giving back to each other.

Click here to support the Shorecrest Fund or email Olivia Segalman, Director of Donor Relations and Advancement Services, to share your and other Contributing Charger stories.

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