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First Grade Human Body Project Share [Videos, Photos]

by Raffi Darrow, Ebytes Editor
Allowing students to share what they have learned in a manner that lets them teach material to others is a supporting principle of Project-Based Learning. At the conclusion of the first grade inquiry into the human body, each student identified a part or system of the body they wanted to research, and created a visual representation of their learning. Then students presented what they learned to classmates and some members of School administration. It was a culminating time of critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving.

While creating student-centered projects, the teacher serves as a facilitator guiding the students through research and project creation, rather than a delivering all of the information being learned. With this approach to learning, students think critically about big concepts and find ways to present information best suited to their individual strengths.

First graders imagined, inquired, and investigated the best way to present their learning about a part of the human body. It was really exciting for the teachers to watch them "think out loud" and create ways to express themselves through their own work. Hands-on work began with a plan and each child, or pair, or small group of children put a lot of effort into bringing those plans to life with tangible, exciting projects including artwork, labels, writing, and oral presentations. 

View some video clips from presentations and find more photos here.

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