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by Raffi Darrow, Ebytes Editor
Upper School students, families, faculty and staff gathered to honor academic achievements and beyond on the Charger Commons Greenspace on May 21, 2021. Congratulations to all of our students for a very successful school year under extraordinary conditions!

Valedictorian: Shaherzad Chawdree '21

Salutatorian: Hailey Levitz '21

The Elizabeth Samuelson Community Spirit Award: Donna Conroy, School Nurse

Military Service Acknowledgement: 
Army ROTC Scholarship - Gage Fratello '21
Air Force Academy - Asha Swann '21

Community Awards and Recognition
The Anne Frank Humanitarian Award: Michael Canizares '22
The Kevin Kay Memorial Award: Jett Banko '21
Senior Service Awards: Alex Alvarez '21, Brenna Dukes '21
The Kyle Bastas Memorial Award: Duncan Walsh '22
Bruce Haskell Spirit Award: Stella Siciliano '22
Carleen Haskell Hodgdon Scholarship Service Award: Jaina Swann '22

Shorecrest Core Values Awards
Respect: Athena Smith '22
Responsibility: Stella Pagano '22
Integrity: Cían McCarthy '22
Knowledge: Aspen Slavick-Gierlach '22
Compassion: Mila Salamone '22

Athletic Awards                
Coach Philip Hayford Athletic Award: Jack Zikmund '22
Fran Risser Athletic Award: Sarah Lankford '22, Sonoma Kasica '24
Shorecrest Triple Crown Awards for three varsity sports in the same year: Mikhail Whyte '22, Jack Zikmund '22, Jeremy Barton '23, Taylor Register '23, Alexander Wisotsky '23

Departmental Awards     
Shorecrest Aspiring Visual Arts Award: Ashli McKenny '22
Janet Root Award of Excellence in the Visual Arts: Heidi Hicks '21
John Philip Sousa Award: Shaherzad Chawdree '21
Mary B Christian Award for Sustained Acheivement: Evan Hoefer '21, Eric Jacobson '21, Jonathan Currie '21
Chris Borges Award for Outstanding Participation in the Arts: Brooke Wright '22, Cían McCarthy '22
Janet Root Rising Star Award: Ava Johnson-Baker '24, Jensen Hallock-Wishner '24, Verity Rabin '23, Luke Tunnell '22

Outstanding Achievement in English Award: Cían McCarthy '22
Excellence in Mathematics Award: Ethan Danielson '22
Excellence in Science Award: Greg Glasscock '21
Excellence in Computer Studies Award: Rylan Richardson '21

Inaugural STEAM Scholars: Zachary Carmack '21, Spencer Mendelsohn '21, Rylan Richardson '21, Anthony Vivio '21, 
Global Scholars: Brenna Dukes '21, Sidney Jones '21, Julia Craig '21, Shaherzad Chawdree '21, Rachel Ford '21, Nadya DeFreitas '21
Bradford Moore Award of Excellence in Social Studies: Brenna Dukes '21

Pam Hamilton Excellence in Psychology: Nkechi Nwokedi '21
Guillemette Laitier Prix d'Honneur (French): Mila Salamone '22

Maria Evora Premio Sobresaliente (Spanish): Brooke Wright '22

Outstanding Citizens 9th Grade: Mia Lee '24, Daven Fudge '24
Outstanding Citizens 10th Grade: Sofiya Idiyatullina '23, Taylor Hicks '23
Outstanding Citizens 11th Grade: Andrew Tang '22, Emily Forney '22
Outstanding Citizens 12th Grade: Rod Casteel '21, Asha Swann '21

Top Scholars 9th Grade: Alexandra Schratwieser '24, Reanna Hossain '24
Top Scholar 10th Grade: Taylor Register '23
Top Scholars 11th Grade: Michael Canizares '22, Ethan Danielson '22
Top Scholar 12th Grade: Hailey Levitz '21

Cum Laude Society Inductees:
Lilianna Baralt '21
Shaherzad Chawdree '21
Julia Craig '21
Jonathan Currie '21
Brenna Dukes '21
Lauren Epstein '21
Rachel Ford '21
Summer Ford '21
Gregory Glasscock '21
Zachary Hahn '21
Evan Hoefer '21
Samia Hossain '21
Hailey Levitz '21
Julia Marquis '21
Georgia Ofenloch '21
Leddon Zwack '21

Find photos here.
A video of the awards ceremony may be found here.

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