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Contributing Chargers: Dr. Jean Spencer-Carnes

by Olivia Segalman, Director of Donor Relations and Advancement Services
One of Shorecrest's greatest assets is our faculty. Faculty at Shorecrest prepare students to become responsible, active, global citizens. It is these experiences that make Shorecrest a special place. 

This week’s Contributing Charger is Dr. Jean Spencer-Carnes, Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management. Since 1995, Jean has supported Shorecrest philanthropically and with her time and talent. We asked her to reveal a little about herself and why Shorecrest is important to her. 

Why is Shorecrest important to you?
I have been at Shorecrest since 1995. Ever since I began my career in teaching I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. Shorecrest was that school that would make a difference in my children's lives as well as my own. Being both a Shorecrest parent and a staff member, I was able to work in an educational environment I believed in, and also to have an incredible education for my children.

What do you enjoy most about being part of this community?
I love Shorecrest. I appreciate everyone who is here - involved, partnering, volunteering, donating, advising, guiding, and enjoying. Our Shorecrest community means the world to me. I met lifelong friends at Shorecrest being a part of this community and so did my children. I enjoy the parents, faculty, administration and especially the children from our three-year-olds to our seniors. It's been my family for 26 years.

What does giving to this community mean to you?
Shorecrest wouldn't be where it is today without the generous donations and giving. Giving is the heartbeat of an independent school like Shorecrest; by giving, donors demonstrate their belief in Shorecrest’s Mission and Core Values. Shorecrest has given me and my family so much, I’m proud to contribute to this community.

How do you hope your philanthropic giving will impact current and future Shorecrest students?
I hope my giving supports innovative new programs and helps more students have the opportunity to attend Shorecrest. Through their philanthropic support, generations of families have created the Shorecrest we enjoy today. Our school is almost 100 year old - with this community’s support, just think where Shorecrest will be on its next Centennial!

How has Shorecrest grown and changed since you joined the school?
Shorecrest was a totally different school 25 years ago. It was exactly what I wanted for my family then, and I’ve also appreciated being a part of its growth and change. Over the years, we’ve attracted even more talented teachers, increased enrollment, improved the campus - it’s amazing.

Is there anything additional that you'd like to share?
As new families consider relocating to the Tampa Bay Area, my hope is that Shorecrest is the #1 reason families choose to live here. I also hope that the Shorecrest community continues to attract more and more families and can serve even more students. Shorecrest added value to my life and I hope Shorecrest continues to add value to many more lives in the future. This is my sincerest wish!

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