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Mental Health Awareness Week

by Courtney Ellis '02, Upper School Counselor
The Happy to be SADD Club and Upper School Counselor Courtney Ellis '02 led the Shorecrest Upper School students in honoring Mental Health Awareness Week. Each day had a theme and activity.

Mantra Monday: Students left positive messages around campus - with chalk on sidewalks, Post-its on lockers, in bathrooms, in the Middle School, etc. Everyone was encouraged to wear shirts with happy messages. 

Take What You Need Tuesday: Envelopes were placed in Landy Hall and in Charger Commons with different emotion words on them. Students could "take what they needed" and grab a slip of paper out of the envelopes with messages, quotes, words of encouragement, etc. They also posted infographics around campus about mental health, resources, etc.

Wag a Lot Wednesday: Southeastern Guide Dogs brought 5 support dogs into Charger Commons for everyone to get a little emotional support in the form of puppy snuggles. 

Take a Nap Thursday: Students wore pajamas to school. In advisory they used a worksheet to assess their sleep habits and listened to a sleep meditation. It was also Spirit Day, an annual awareness day observed on the third Thursday in October in opposition to LGBTQ+ teen bullying. Many students and faculty members wore purple to support ShorecrestPride.

Flow Friday: Mrs. Hardy led students through a yoga practice with a focus on breathing practices and meditation — both of which help calm and center the mind.

"MHA week was a great success in the Upper School," said Happy to be SADD Club Vice President, Victoria Linton-Evans '22. "I think having a safe space allows people to feel more united and not alone in their struggles, and ultimately helps eliminate the stigma around mental illness."

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