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Lovely Siblings

by Adriana Hollenbeck, Head of The Experiential School of Tampa Bay
Morning arrival is one of my favorite times of day at The Experiential School. The possibilities ahead are endless and each step the students take towards the building gets them closer to the exploration that will take place during the day.

In addition, I truly enjoy watching the older siblings who walk their little brothers and sisters to The Experiential School. Since there is a pattern that is so evident I thought I’d take the time to let you all know that you are doing a fantastic job as parents. The patience and love these Chargers demonstrate every single day, along with their ability to care for their younger siblings, are testament to the work you have been doing as parents.

What I see every single morning is a group of young human beings caring deeply for the little ones. Hands are held, hugs are shared, and kind words are spoken. Sometimes they walk backwards smiling and waving, saying “I love you,” and my heart just sings with joy.

Not once does it feel like a duty or a task they were told to perform. Your older children are a reflection of your parenting. You are the adults setting the bar really high. In a world filled with disconnect, these experiences give me so much hope, and are daily reminders that we have been doing really great work!

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