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Zombies Strike Dystopian Literature Class

by Natalie Updike, Upper School English Teacher
Zombies strike again! In Ms. Updike's Honors English class for seniors, Dystopian Literature, Chargers worked in teams to beat the count-down clock in a zombie-themed escape room.

As part of studying thematic ties to apocalyptic literature, primarily including World War Z, students learned the history of zombie lore and fiction in anticipation of participating in the escape room. They bring evolutionary knowledge of West African and Haitian voodoo and hoodoo and the first film of the genre, 1932's "White Zombie," George A. Romero's Hollywoodized creatures in "Night of the Living Dead," and 2010's reanimation of the genre in "The Walking Dead." Considering categories like zombie speed, diet, groupings or "herds," students consumed knowledge surrounding this immortal topic. 

Of nine student teams who've tried to best the escape room in two semesters, only one group has successfully escaped within the given hour; two other groups escaped within eighty minutes! 

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