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Fourth Graders Present Historical Research

by Colette Husenitza and Madeline Stoddard, Fourth Grade Teachers
Fourth graders at Shorecrest take part in small group historical fiction book clubs. In order to give students some background knowledge on the topics their historical fiction book club books are written about, fourth grade focused on 4 different historical events: enslavement, the Great Depression, WWII, and the Civil Rights Movement.

Non-fiction reading strategies were sharpened as students learned about each time period in American history. The Chargers learned the cause/effect relationship that inherently comes with reading about history. They also learned how to "read" primary resources such as pictures, documents, videos, and music. In addition to reviewing all of the strategies for researching, students learned a new way to research - how to conduct an interview.

This mini-unit of study was concluded with the integration of history, research, and technology. Groups of students created timelines of a specific historical period and programmed a robot, Dash, to present their timeline.

Learn more about the projects in this video:

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