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Making the World More Beautiful

by Adriana Hollenbeck, Head of The Experiential School of Tampa Bay
My son is taking a class on playwriting and had to complete an assignment this past week in which he was asked to write a 3-min play inspired by nature, based on a picture book.
He went all the way back to his memories of the Lower School at University Lake School and chose to find inspiration in Barbara Cooney’s “Miss Rumphius.”
Here’s part of his play:

How would you all like to hear the story of my good friend from a very special fishing village? He’s a king, you know.

MISS RUMPHIUS mimes telling the story as the children watch and react. The GIRL gets up from her seat and faces the audience as the story continues behind her.

Great-aunt Alice, when I grow up I want to do just what you did. I’m going to see the world, then settle down by the sea.

That’s all well and good, Alice. There is one third thing, though, that you must remember.

What’s that?

You must do something to make the world more beautiful.

Alpha students in Ms. Daley's class have been exploring the use of tape. Their fascination started over a month ago and as the teachers observed the interactions, they were able to challenge the students with a variety of tapes, giving them endless possibilities to investigate the multiple uses of the medium. As you can imagine, tape was not being seen as an item with a single purpose. The ideas kept the investigation alive and the kids are still using their young engineers' brains to cover, hang, connect and even decorate. As I watch the tape exploration, I cannot help but wonder about the strong commitment that children have with aesthetics and the different meanings it acquires as projects evolve.

The students have engaged day after day in understanding the medium and its possibilities.
The conversations they have allow them to create new connections, discover new strategies and understand what works and what doesn’t.
Some children have moved towards the use of tape to create three dimensional shapes, while others are content crossing tape over paper, wrapping objects and exploring the negative space incorporating paint.
They had covered one of the classroom doors with their work; and then I thought about asking them if they would like to share their work with other friends at The Experiential School.
This photo is evidence that they said “Yes!” and that they are very proud of their work.
They too are committed to doing something to make the world more beautiful.

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