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Service Director Receives Fellowship, Travels to South Africa

by Raffi Darrow, Ebytes Editor
Diego Duran-Medina, Director of Service Learning, traveled to South Africa over winter break to explore the legacy of Nelson Mandela and apartheid, gearing up for his class on citizenship in the Upper School titled LeadServe: Citizenship through Leading and Serving.

Mr. Duran-Medina was awarded a fellowship through Fund for Teachers, a national organization working with teachers to fund project ideas through travel. Mr. Duran-Medina previously traveled to Hiroshima, Japan, with Fund for Teachers to explore the legacy of Hiroshima bombing survivors.

This trip, Mr. Duran-Medina's travels took him to Johannesburg, Kruger National Park and Cape Town, including the Apartheid Museum and Robben Island. He was also able to meet with Mr. Christo Brand, one of Mandela's prison wardens, through a connection made on his recent visit to Shorecrest.

"Through my trip I was able to learn and think more deeply about concepts like freedom, democracy and citizenship, all terms that are deeply intertwined with service learning and the work we do at Shorecrest." Mr. Duran-Medina said. "I look forward to applying what I learned in South Africa to both my classroom and the communities we serve through our service learning initiatives."

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