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Brothers Bring Holiday Cheer to Boys and Girls Club

by Raffi Darrow, Ebytes Editor
Senior Jordan J. has been very involved with the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Suncoast for over four years. He’s even earned their Volunteer of the Year award! Recently, his younger brother, eighth grader Eric, has joined him and volunteered over the summer and on breaks when he can.

A few years ago, Jordan wanted to do something special for the Boys and Girls Club Members for the Holidays. He decided to forgo any of his own gifts, and instead accumulated gifts and money to make other kids’ dreams and wishes come true. He hosted a surprise Christmas party for these children who have touched him so greatly - and it has since become a holiday tradition.

This year, Jordan and Eric inspired others to help their efforts, and Jacobson Wealth Management Group sponsored a holiday party at the Club. They provided dinner, treats, stuffed stockings, a magician and fulfilled Santa wish lists. This video captures a few moments of the amazing evening.

“By inspiring each other and thus inspiring my team [at Jacobson Wealth Management Group] and their families to join the efforts this year, we have all become better people,” observed a proud Marc Jacobson.

Jordan often remarks that the Club Members inspire him and provide him with much more than he could ever give to them. He refers to the Club as his “second home.”

“It’s where I’ve kind of been able to grow as a person.” Jordan said. “I was looking for something to be passionate about, and it took me two days [of summer volunteering] to fall in love with it. The atmosphere there is really fun. Interacting with little kids is something I’m very passionate about, especially with the impact that I know that I can make upon these kids with their situations. They teach me a lot too. It’s what I like to do. It’s who I am.”

They have forged tight bonds, and Eric is following in his footsteps with some complimentary work he has been involved in at the Club. Reflecting back on the holiday party, Eric said, “It was fun seeing their reactions. It’s amazing to know you’re making a difference. Seeing how happy they were was the best. The rest - the party and decorations and food - that was just extra. One boy told my brother he made his dreams come true.”

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