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Just Say NO to Raw Dough!

by Deirdre Dillow, School Nurse
Around the holidays, many of us spend time baking in the kitchen with family and loved ones. If you are anything like me, I have to constantly tell my kids to keep their hands out of the cookie dough bowl when I am baking cookies! Even I can admit, the temptation to sneak a taste of cookie dough can be quite the challenge!

I think we all know about the risk associated with salmonella bacteria in raw eggs which are probably in your cookie dough. But did you know that the flour we use can contain a harmful bacteria that can cause disease? Bacteria can grown on any grain in the field or during any one of the steps as flour is produced. This bacteria is killed off when baked in the oven. In 2016, dozens were sickened with an illness that was traced back to a certain bacteria in flour. 10 million pounds of flour was recalled! Many of us store our flour in containers without its original packaging, making it difficult to know if our flour has been recalled.

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Happy Baking! And keep those hands out of the bowls!

Deirdre Dillow, RN


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