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Celebrate the Arts

Art instruction is interwoven throughout the Shorecrest curriculum. To celebrate the lessons and skills taught all year, we open the campus to the community each spring during Celebrate the Arts Week. Shorecrest hosts visiting artists in The Experiential School through Middle School. Community members with careers in painting, sculpture, opera, culinary arts, dance, writing, floral design, architecture and more share their talents and create experiential opportunities for our students.

Student artwork is also on display around campus, with a juried art show for grades 5-8 around Middle School and for grades 9-12 in the Student Activity Center and Janet Root Theatre Lobby. 
  • Monday: "Cinderella" cast members perform at Lower School Town Meeting. Dr. Hank Hine, Executive Director of the Dali Museum, leads a Willis Leadership Lecture for US students. Dr. Hine judges Upper School student art.
  • Tuesday: Student rock bands perform for LS.
  • Wednesday: Middle School visiting artists. Middle School sidewalk chalk art outdoors.
  • Thursday: Lower School Gallery Walk: Each student in the LS will have their art displayed. Students will walk with their teachers to view student works in ES, LS, MS and US. Middle School rock bands perform for Middle School. "Cinderella" opening night, 7pm.
  • Friday: Visiting Artists in Experiential School and Lower School. 11am Experiential and Lower School performance. "Cinderella" at 7pm.
  • Saturday: "Cinderella" performances at 2pm and 7pm.

Visiting Artists - April 2019

Katie Adams

Katie Adams shares her Make Believe Theater​ Puppet Shows and Storytelling Shows with Chargers this week. Katie is a professional puppeteer and storyteller whose stories invite you to fly away with her to worlds of imagination. Katie has been a professional teller of tales since 2000, and it is her great joy to bring stories to audiences all over the southeast and beyond. Katie lives in Tampa with her husband and daughter.
​Check out her website at

American Stage

Alexandria Crawford ‘12 came to Shorecrest Preparatory School as a freshman and spent her time heavily involved with the theatre program. After graduating in 2012, she went on to study at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL, where she graduated in 2016 with a B.A. in Theatre Arts and English.

During the 2016/2017 season at American Stage Theatre Company, Alexandria was an inaugural member of their Acting and Production Apprenticeship Program. After completing her apprenticeship in August of 2017, Alexandria was invited to stay on with the theatre as a teaching artist, leading theatre classes throughout Pinellas County in grades K-12. She has lead the drama club in the Lower School for the past two years. She also serves as a member of Shorecrest’s Alumni Association Board.

Alexandria is also a professional actress. She is getting ready to open Shakespeare’s MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING (April 18th-28th) with St. Petersburg’s Shakespeare Festival in William’s Park, where she will play the role of Hero. Some of her past credits include: Rebel in COLUMBINUS (Innovocative Theatre), Martha Loomis Pentecost in JOE TURNER’S COME AND GONE, Pink in AMERICA: A MOSAIC (American Stage), THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES, REEFER MADNESS, LARAMIE PROJECT: TEN YEARS LATER, and ANNA IN THE TROPICS
(Rollins College).

Recently Alexandria accepted a full ride to Northwestern University’s MFA Acting Program, in which she will be a member of its inaugural class led by Tony Award Winning Director, Anna D. Shapiro. She will begin the Master’s program in the fall of 2019. Alexandria is an Equity Membership Candidate. 

Alexis Arrazcaeta

Alexis Arrazcaeta is the Arts Coordinator at PARC, a center serving over 800 adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Alexis holds a Bachelors in Arts in Psychology and Art Therapy with a concentration in Fine Art from the University of Tampa. She is currently a Graduate student at the University of Florida studying Arts in Medicine. Her undergrad experience includes creating art with the Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit at Tampa General Hospital, along with a silk scarf dying workshop offered to adult patients in the rehabilitation unit of Tampa General. Alexis has facilitated workshops at museums for arts and accessibility raising awareness and empathy for those who don’t always have the ability to advocate for themselves.
On a daily basis Alexis coordinates and facilities all art activities/workshops at PARC providing the clients that they serve with new opportunities as well as capabilities through the art experience and practice. At PARC, she helps others create using a variety of mediums such as, painting, sculpture, clay hand building, wheel throwing, drawing, paper making, candle/wax art, beading, mix media, and digital art. Alexis focuses her practice on making the arts fun and demonstrates the adaptability of the arts to meet the needs of the creator. Her main passion is to spread the love of the arts to everyone and demonstrate the power the arts have to help others connect and express themselves in a way words cannot.

Wayne Berman

Wayne Berman was raised in Northvale, NJ. Being near NYC made it possible to meet, work and study with, some of his personal heroes in music and the arts. Wayne was fearless about introducing himself to great artists. He once saw an orchestra concert of original works in Lincoln Center, he thought it was the best he had ever seen. Wayne snuck backstage and introduced himself to Gheorghe Costinescu (one of the two greatest Romanian composers in the past 100 years) and ended up studying very deeply, weekly lessons for seven years in composition, harmony, theory, and counterpoint.

Wayne went to Bard College, in Annandale, NY. where he received his BA in music composition and performance. He was awarded many times, especially in music. The President of the College created a new award for Wayne in his senior year, it read, “for the student who contributed most to the general welfare of the college”. Wayne never contributed money, his contributions were in the form of bringing many great artists to the college and creating programs for education and interaction. He continued in the same way at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, where he received a dual MA degree in music composition and theory.

When he first moved to Pinellas County, he became the president of the Tampa Bay Composers’ Forum (at that time it was the second largest composers’ forum in the world). He has since worked at many private schools, churches, and theaters. He is the proud owner of Wayne Berman Music Studios and The Rise and Shine Performing Arts Camp and Mobile School.

But guess what - at Shorecrest he'll be leading our students through a session on improv comedy!

Shamira Burton

Hairstylist and Shorecrest parent Shamira Burton is a Licensed Cosmetologist who specializes in styling hair with braids and twists. She creates intricate styles and updos for adults and children in St. Petersburg. Check our her talent at work at

Ann Marie Cash

Ann Marie Cash returns to Shorecrest is a seasoned Celebrate the Arts visitor. She will be playing Exquisite Corpse with the Chargers, one of Frida Kahlo's favorites! Participants play by taking turns drawing or painting sections of a body on a sheet of paper, folded to hide each individual contribution. The first player adds a head—then, without knowing what that head looks like, the next artist adds a torso, and so on. In this way, a strange, comical, often grotesque creature is born.

Elliott Darrow

Elliott Darrow '16 is an alumnus of Shorecrest Preparatory School returning for his fourth year as an artist for Celebrate the Arts Week. He is currently pursuing a vet tech degree, and spends his free time as Program Coordinator of a local Charger-owned non-profit organization, the Foundation For Sustainable Families, where he paints murals, repurposes recycled materials into animal enclosures, and educates young children and volunteer groups on ways to give back to the community. He also works with kindergarteners in Shorecrest's extended day program and at the Florida Aquarium summer programs.

Derek Donnelly

Artist Derek Donnelly is a Florida native and grew up in St. Petersburg. He graduated from PCCA (Pinellas County Center for the Arts) at Gibbs High school in 2001. Donnelly then attended IADT in Tampa for graphic design, specializing in digital illustration and brand development.

Over the past several years Donnelly has focused on portrait and mural work. He started painting again in 2010 and met several other artists, including the late Bill "Woo" Corriea. In late 2011, Derek opened a small gallery in downtown St. Pete called Saint Paint Arts. This collective helped spawn several careers and is heavily involed in the ever-expanding St. Petersburg art scene. 

Donnelly has painted several murals in the St. Pete area since including the ceiling at Rococco Steak. Derek also live paints at events for different charities and organizations, donating pieces whenever possible. In early 2014 Donnelly closed the physical location of Saint Paint to focus on doing more murals, art exhibitions and curating local businesses & resturants with the amazing work of the 30+ artists involved in the Saint Paint collective. Donnelly continues to organize bigger and better events throughout the bay area, and has become an agent and representative for many Tampa Bay area artists.

Ana Cristina Gonzalez

Ana Cristina Gonzalez will be drawing Mexican folk art alebrije figures with Middle School students during Celebrate the Arts Week.

Zoe Henry '21

Zoe is a Shorecrest students who will be teaching drawing realistic anatomy with Lower School students. Watch for her in the cast of "Cinderella" this week!

Aimee Jackson

Aimee is teaching Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) to Middle School students.

Marcia Johnson & Lori Bell

Crafts with Alpha students.

Allexe Gallardo

Allexe Gallardo joins Shorecrest from the St. Petersburg Ballet Conservatory to work with Middle and Lower School students. Allexe began dancing at the age of 7 and was taught by Erich Yetter and Tamra Challacombe at The Peoria Ballet in Illinois. Here, over the course of 14 years, she attended the Academy’s summer intensives with various world renowned instructors such as Guillermo Laiva, Victoria Vargas, Ariel Cisnero, Daniel Ulbricht and Crystal Brothers for more than eight years. She attended RiverNorth’s Contemporary Workshop as well as the Orlando Ballet summer intensive. 
While dancing with the Peoria Ballet, Allexe competed in Youth American Grand Prix, performed as a guest artist for the Heartland Festival Orchestra during their concert performances, and performed in 14 years of The Nutcracker taking place at The Peoria Civic Center. In her Nutcracker performances, she was featured as Clara, Snow Queen, Arabian Lead, Spanish Lead, Marzipan Lead, Dewdrop, and performed the Sugar Plum Pas de deux. During her dancing career, Allexe was a part of Peoria Ballet’s Pre-Professional Ensemble Company. Allexe has also danced and performed with the Peoria Players Theater in Guys N’ Dolls, CATS, and Grease.
Teaching came into Allexe’s dancing career in 2010 while she was part of the Ensemble with the Peoria Ballet. While being a part of their faculty, she taught and choreographed for four years under the tutelage of artistic director, Servy Gallardo, before moving to North Carolina. While in North Carolina, Allexe taught with the International Ballet Academy for three years staging the children’s roles in The Nutcracker, as well as choreographing for younger level students for their Spring Showcase performances. 
Allexe enjoys working on progressing young minds in their ballet training, teaching them the importance of hard work and to respect this beautiful art form. She finds joy in working with children and has also choreographed for youth musical theater.


Lizzy Scott '15 spent a lot of time exploring performing arts while a Shorecrest Charger. She is trained in ballet, acting, musical theatre, quite a few instruments - and has performed many times in the Janet Root Theatre and on Television. Her passion for music creation and production has led her to DJing EDM parties that occur way past your bedtime. She is also a foley artist intern for Pizar.

LizzyJane fans call themselves lovers, and we hope you love the talent she shares with Middle School Chargers.

Shalini Karnani

Shalini Karnani Bonjour was born and raised in Michigan and spent most of her adult life in and around the midwest. From a young age and through college, Shalini choreographed and performed in numerous community and school theater productions touring throughout the United States, Canada, Russia and Denmark. After graduating college Shalini began her decade long journey as an am/fm radio broadcaster. Countless late nights and early mornings year after year, engrossed in a wide variety of music genres, music artists, associated events, and promotions, was just enough to feed Shalini’s musical interests.

Working with Music and Me LLC, Shalini uses her natural ability to connect the element of fun while sharing a musical experience with children. As a constant student of the art of teaching, Shalini frequently practices her S.Q. (silly quotient) with her son, Chaitan. His fun-o-meter proves to be a useful litmus test for lesson planning. Giving children a tool for life - their very own musical voice - and helping them access it, is Shalini’s goal for each of her students, adult and child alike.

Jennifer Kosharek

Jennifer is a a St. Pete, FL, artist who does paintings, street art, embroidery, Free Art Friday, mail art, and rag doll making. Just driving around St. Petersburg, you have probably seen at least five of her murals.

"I want to make art that brings joy, love, comfort. I want to instill hope. There are plenty of dark messages coming from the art world–especially in street art. I want to bring light," she explains.

Learn more and see more at

Julie Meyer

Shorecrest parent and staff member, Julie Meyer, knows how to bring smiles to faces - with cookies! Julie is an accomplished baker and decorator of cakes, cookies and other sugary confections. Our students will learn some of her magical ways during Celebrate the Arts!

Maria Mora

At Big Sea, Maria Mora develops engaging ways to tell brand stories online. She strategizes and implements inbound marketing tactics for clients throughout the united states.
Maria has been working on the web since 2002. She has an English degree from the University of Florida and a professional background in digital marketing and editorial strategy. She's contributed over 1000 articles to publications like Yahoo, SheKnows, Azula, and Orbitz. As a fourth generation native of St. Petersburg, she's thrilled to work with local institutions like Stetson University College of Law, the Downtown Partnership, and the Economic Development Corporation. She is also a Charger parent. 

As a young adult author, Maria is represented by Erica Bauman of Aevitas Creative Management. 

Mike Murphy

Headmaster Mike Murphy has a secret. His first children's book was just published and will hit the "shelves" on very soon! He is spending time during Celebrate the Arts storytelling with Lower School students and talking to them about what it means to be an author.

Coral Orkin

Shorecrest parent Coral Orkin has volunteered at Celebrate the Arts for many years helping our visiting artists. This year she returns as a visiting artist! Coral will be crafting and making cards with Chargers.

Dee Perconti

Dee Perconti's passion is combining arts and therapy to help others. Dee helps wounded children in the following ways: 
  • TO STOP CHILD TRAFFICKING by being an advocate for Rapha House. Rapha House is a nonprofit which provides safehouses for girls who have been rescued from trafficking, exploitation and slavery. At Rapha House girls are loved, counseled, educated and prepared for productive lives.
  • HER SECOND PASSION IS TO CREATE as much vibrant, explosive, and emotional collage as she can. Her technique of tearing up her old paintings and rebirthing them, represents second chances, do-overs, optimism and hope. Her work recently has been shown at the collaborative BellaUnica art show and the Vinoy Place Spring Fling and Art Show. She will be presenting her collage work at Opera Central for 2 months: May and June. The opening reception for her show named "Duetto" is May 13th, open to the public. For more information go to dee's website
During Celebrate the Arts, Dee will be encouraging middle school students to express themselves through collage.

Karan Porter

Through our weekly Celebrate the Arts program and private lessons, Karan Porter has had a hand in helping many Shorecrest students express themselves through visual arts. Her technique classes focus on drawing, but her work with Lower and Middle Schools duirng our teach-in will involve group-effort mural paintings.

Learn more about her classes at or view some of her painted elephants.

Judi Prane

Judi will be guiding the Chargers through Acting / Improv exercises during Celebrate the Arts. Instructor of Acting, Voice, and Image, Judi has been teaching for the past 25 years whereever she has lived in the country. She is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City, where she trained in acting, voice, and speech. She is a member of Actors Equity, the Screen Actors Guild, and she is a CBS recording artist. She has toured the country in such plays as "Cabaret," "Ruthless," and "La Cage Aux Folles." Judi originated the role of the mother of the bride in "Tony and Tina's Wedding" at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. She has appeared in numerous commercials, infomercials, and voiceovers. Judi is also an image consultant and make-up artist. She currently performs and produces corporate events and specialized entertainment packages.

Margy Saben

South American Dance

Julie Simpson

Julie joins Shorecrest from School of Rock, a music school for all skill levels, ages, and musical aspirations in St. Petersburg and Tampa. With students ranging from toddlers to adults, School of Rock is where music students grow into real musicians. Their program is designed to inspire students to learn and develop a strong musical proficiency.

Corrie Stover

Alumna and Charger legacy parent, Corrie Stover '90, will be drawing with our students.

Takeya Trayer

Takeya Trayer, an Assistant Teacher in the Experiential School and Shorecrest parent, attempts to bring all walks of life together through 3D animation, and will share that experience with Chargers.

"There are so many people with so many different worlds, but laughter and smiling are universal. I plan to use my gifts, whether it's my child-like energy or my quick imagination, to enter into many different people's worlds. 
Animation is a very visual form of communication that in many instances no dialogue is needed. This is a very powerful tool because it has the potential to be understood by many cultures even if they do not speak the same language. The animation process itself is a very difficult one. It is tedious and time consuming. You can not be afraid to destroy work that you have worked on for hours in order to get something better. But the ability to breathe life into anything and watch it grow into a storytelling vehicle is worth the work and time it takes."

Jeff Unger

Artist. Explorer.
"I consider myself to be an experience junkie. I have a natural desire to explore, discover and share all of the unique beauty and joy to be found in the places, people, food, music and art throughout the world.
I grew up in an artistic environment in Detroit, Michigan. My dad was a clay modeler at Chrysler and professional drummer, mom was a hairstylist. I loved to create art and music as a kid, but as I got older, I found myself in a technical career, information technology, and have spent most of my time in the problem solving part of my brain. It wasn’t until very recently, thanks to a gift from my amazing wife Lisa, that I started on a journey towards finding my own unique artistic voice.  

I am married to the extremely talented New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Lisa Unger. And my daughter, Ocean, is also a creative spirit displaying her own talent in creating super cool digital animations. So, we all live a very exciting and creative life. And I am forever grateful for and inspired by Lisa and Ocean - who are the center of my universe!"

Lisa Unger

Lisa Unger is the New York Times and internationally bestselling, award-winning author of sixteen novels. Her latest, UNDER MY SKIN, is nominated for an Edgar Award and the Hammett Prize. Her short story, THE SLEEP TIGHT MOTEL, is a #1 bestselling Kindle Single and is also nominated for an Edgar Award. Published in twenty-six languages worldwide, with more than two million copies sold, her books have been voted "Best of the Year" or top picks by the Today show, Good Morning America, Entertainment Weekly, Amazon, IndieBound, Goodreads and more. Her nonfiction essays have appeared in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Travel+Leisure. Lisa Unger lives on the west coast of Florida with her family.

Ethan Updike

Ethan Updike is the Band Director at Shorecrest Preparatory School where he teaches grades 4-12 concert band, Upper and Middle School rock band, AP and honors music theory, recording arts, and independent study courses. Ethan is a graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy and received his Bachelor of Music in trumpet performance and Master of Music Teaching degrees from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music where he received K-12 Music Certification.

A lover of travel and the outdoors, he can frequently be found doing yard work or planning his next adventure. He lives with his wife Joanne and Goldendoodle Gamja in St. Petersburg, FL.

Gina White

Shorecrest parent Gina White orgainzed Celebrate the Arts Week for a few years, and is now returning as an artist to see how the other side works. With our Middle School students, she will be working on Light Painting; and with Lower School she will guide them in creating recycled robots. 

Lauren White '21

Lauren is a Shorecrest student and accomplished artist who will be drawing with Lower School students during Celebrate the Arts.

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