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Visual Arts at Shorecrest

Through experiences in the arts, students learn essential skills that are transferable across disciplines. In art classrooms students learn creativity and innovation. They learn that problems can have multiple answers. They have opportunities for experimentation and learning from mistakes, and learn to be self-sufficient thinkers – not memorizers. In a world where we want our children to develop the 21st century skills to be inventive in the workplace, these are invaluable skills to embed at a young age.

Our youngest learners receive general arts education from a certified arts specialist. In Middle and Upper school, students typically receive arts education through required electives. In addition to stand-alone arts courses, many classes and cross-curricular projects integrate creative components. Students also benefit from guest artists, arts-related field trips (like mural tours), and more.

The entire school community comes together once each year to Celebrate the Arts, a week-long Shorecrest tradition that invites local artists of all kinds to share their expertise with students in memorable, hands-on experiences and performances. 

Our visual arts program supports our mission and dedication to social-emotional learning by helping students share unspoken feelings, work through puzzling thoughts, and contend with abstract thinking. Students with a variety of different learning styles build confidence and get a chance to shine.

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  • Experiential School

    Experiential School students benefit from the expertise of a dedicated arts specialist, or Atelerista. She is an artist/educator with a special interest in early childhood education. This integral early childhood educator role supports learning of visual arts, performing arts, music and dance, technology and more. Students may be learning to use a digital camera one week, and throwing clay on a potter’s wheel the next week.

    Experiential School art experiences are process-focused, rather than product-focused, meaning that each student’s work is unique and original; there is no right or wrong way to create or sample to follow. Students use a number of different tools, techniques and media to create and express themselves. Art is incorporated throughout the ES curriculum. 
  • Lower School

    Children practice visioning, craftsmanship, and more in the Lower School art studio. The year begins with studying the elements of art, like line and color and learning about tools, like choosing the best brush for the job. Students work with a wide range of materials: watercolors, paints, sculptural materials like clay and wood, and even digital technologies. Inspired by artists like Keith Haring, students engage their creativity to construct paintings, murals, and sculptures. Projects in art class often connect to cultural celebrations like Día de los Muertos, or to curricular themes like the third grade wetlands investigation. Shorecrest is a school awash in the arts, and it all starts in the Lower School!
  • Middle School

    In fifth and sixth grades, the elements of art are introduced through a variety of activities. Artists of different cultures and ethnicities are examined. Students practice drawing in journals, painting on different surfaces, throwing clay and printmaking skills. Projects are often done in collaboration with the English and social studies curricula to enhance students’ learning experience. Technology is integrated for research or enhancement of the subject and is used as an application choice. Fifth grade art is a new opportunity for students as they experience more structure, grades, and choices in their experience in art class. Students have many opportunities to be creative and grow as artists through universal design thinking.

    Seventh and eighth grade students may choose visual arts as an elective. Their choices include:

    3D Art

    This course offers the opportunity to explore three dimensional art mediums such as sculpture and clay. The artworks and styles of different peoples, time periods and cultures will be explored through the lens of sculpture. Students learn to incorporate their ideas visually, utilizing the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. 

    Digital Storytelling

    This course focuses on the aspects of storytelling through a digital lens. A variety of mediums will be used to bring narratives to life. Students will explore the features commonly found in digital narratives and how story creators utilize digital tools, platforms, and interfaces to add interactivity to their narratives. Both fiction and non-fiction narratives will be covered as well as how stories are told through game creation. A few examples of the mediums used in this course include Book Creator, Scratch programming, and iMovie. 

    Studio Art

    This course offers the opportunity to explore various two dimensional art mediums such as painting and drawing. The artworks and styles of different peoples, time periods and cultures are also explored. Students learn to incorporate their ideas visually, utilizing the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. 
  • Upper School

    The accomplished professionals in the Arts and Humanities department have encouraged and guided our students through many successful endeavors at local, state and national levels. Shorecrest students have received awards and acclaim for their paintings, photography, and graphic design. Shorecrest  invests in students, to ensure the best creative results. We want our students to feel confident in their skills, their submitted art portfolios, and their understanding of the differences between varied techniques, different types of paints on different surfaces, and how quality of supplies can make a difference in a final product. At the same time, students experiment with nature and upcycled materials as art medium, blending execution with their regular environments - art in plain sight. 

Visual Arts Facilities

Lower School Art Studio
Middle School Art Studio
Sophia “Yi” Daily Upper School Visual Arts Studio
Upper School Graphic Design lab
Upper School 3D Arts Classroom

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