Coed, independent, PK3-12th grade school in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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The Shorecrest campus spans 28-acres in the heart of St. Petersburg, Florida, a mid-sized city that is part of the Tampa Bay metropolitan area of nearly 3 million residents.

One campus is home to all grade levels and programs of the PK-12 school. In March 2018, Shorecrest launched Transform, a campaign to finish the school's Master Plan and allow students of all ages to connect on campus. On February 28, 2019 - almost one year to the day of the campaign's public launch - the school community celebrated the opening of the first floor of the new 60,000+ square foot facility and the building's new name - Charger Commons. The first floor of Charger Commons features two dining rooms (the school's first ever) where students of all ages can enjoy healthy meals and special events. In addition to the dining rooms, the first floor of Charger Commons houses a new library/media center, clinic, dedicated space for The Wonder Studio parent-toddler programs, and The Mike Murphy Experiential School with state-of-the-art classrooms and playspaces for The Experiential School of Tampa Bay, the 3, 4, and 5-year-old program at Shorecrest.

Built in 2008, Landy Hall, the main Upper School building, was the first two-story building on campus, and includes classrooms, a computer lab, a college center and a closed circuit TV system. Adjacent to Landy Hall is the Center for Medical Sciences, housed in the Science/Technology Building, with specialized furniture, equipment, and technology to engage students in an applied sciences curriculum.

The Middle School Arts and Sciences Center opened in August 2009, and includes classrooms, music and drama rooms, technology and robotics labs, and a covered outdoor pavilion. In 2016, Shorecrest was awarded a grant from Steelcase Education to transform the former art studio into an innovative space that allowed for more cross-curricular collaboration - the Innovation & Design Studio. Other teachers in the 5th-8th grade Middle School have reimagined their classroom spaces to allow for co-teaching, collaboration, and project work.

The Shorecrest Athletic Center opened in October 2011. The facility includes a competitive gym, recreational gym, all-purpose workout center, locker rooms, full-service concessions and a ticket booth, as well as office space for athletic faculty. Our athletic teams also practice and play on 4 fields around campus.

The Janet Root Theatre, which opened in 2002, is a state-of-the-art facility and a centerpiece of Shorecrest's vibrant performing arts program. It is part of the Raymund Arts and Media Center which also houses the Student Activity Center multipurpose room, as well as the Carleen Vinall Haskell Library.

Shorecrest is home to a number of outdoor playspaces and gathering areas. In spring 2015, Walker Willis '19 gathered his Middle School peers to help transform an underused part of campus to build The Native Classroom. The three-phase project included the eradication of approximately 1,000 Australian Pines, an invasive species to Florida. Phase two involved planting 500 mangroves, cabbage palms, slash pines, and other native species to enrich habitat, insure soil conservation, and improve water quality. In the final phase, Walker improved an existing educational area by building a channel-side observation ground platform and providing a freshwater source for science students.
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In January 2013, Shorecrest and Critical Intervention Services (CIS) initiated an informal partnership that was formalized in October 2013. Together, we developed a school-wide comprehensive safety, security and protection program that retains the open and welcoming atmosphere of our independent school campus while enhancing all levels of safety for the Shorecrest community.

CIS audited the Shorecrest physical campus, our emergency communication systems, our crisis and emergency plans and our professional development program that focused on emergency planning. In addition, CIS identified School Protection Officers (SPO’s) with unique skills, interest and training to serve as on-campus leaders for the safety, security and protection initiative.

Our School Protection Officers are essential in the identification and prevention of instances before they occur. While trained and prepared for medical emergencies and physical assaults, the primary role of the officers is to know the community and support all aspects of the school safety operations without disrupting normal school activities. They are familiar, friendly faces able to offer assistance at a moment's notice.

CIS has established a one-call hotline that can be reached from any phone on campus. CIS is able to monitor our security cameras if an emergency were to occur. The faculty has received training and guidance on best practices to ensure the safety of all students and visitors.

Shorecrest and CIS are pleased to have developed this comprehensive school safety, security and protection program and are pleased to offer guidance and support to other schools.
If you are aware of or observe misconduct - REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY
How to Report Misconduct:
  • Report allegations or suspicion of misconduct by an instructional personnel member to the School's Headmaster, Michael Murphy - 727-456-7502 or to the School's Director of Human Resources - 727-456-7507.
  • Report allegations or suspicion of misconduct by your school administrator to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
  • Document the activities or details of the event.
  • The School's Whistleblower Policy, found in the Employee Handbook, applies in reporting misconduct.
Effective July 1, 2014, all nonpublic colleges, universities and schools are required to inform employees and students at orientation and on the school’s website of the existence of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement sexual-predator-registry website and the toll-free telephone number that gives access to sexual predator and sexual offender public information. Parents, students, and employees should regularly visit the public registry to review it for individuals who may have prior criminal records and sex offenses. Information concerning registered sex offenders and predators in Florida may be obtained by visiting, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Sexual Offenders database. Information may also be obtained by contacting the FDLE’s toll free telephone number: 1-888-FL-PREDATOR (1-888-357-7332).

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Shorecrest Preparatory School is a private, non-sectarian, coeducational, college preparatory day school for students preschool through high school, located in St. Petersburg, Florida.