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While state-of-the-art facilities and an array of extracurricular programs certainly make a strong impression, it is the outstanding faculty of Shorecrest who make the difference in our students' educational experience.

Our 100+ faculty members, over 50% of whom have advanced degrees, have excelled in their own educational pursuits. Some have graduated from Harvard, Columbia and Colgate - all universities that our graduates have attended. Many have made a significant difference in our world, such as the faculty member who gained a patent on her anti-cancer marine research. All make a difference in the lives of our students by integrating their knowledge and experience with a love for developing the minds of our students, tomorrow's leaders.


We invest as much time as necessary to truly understand every student in every class – what they like, how they communicate, what makes them laugh – so that we can more effectively guide their development and more accurately measure and calibrate their ongoing progress.


Our curriculum leverages global best practices, the most current brain research, innovations in education and the individual strengths and experiences of our talented teachers so that students receive the best education in Tampa Bay.


Our faculty continuously challenge students every day to reach their potential and then some, investing time, expertise and emotion in making an average student good, that good student great, and each great student spectacular.


Our faculty act as caring but candid sounding boards for which courses to study, which extracurriculars to pursue, what colleges might realistically fit their aspirations and much, much more.


We prioritize sourcing, hiring and retaining the most expert and passionate teachers, because we know the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher can sometimes mean the difference between a student succeeding and a student shining. Shorecrest students are also involved in the hiring process.

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