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The Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 2009 by the Shorecrest Alumni Association and the Shorecrest Athletic Department to recognize athletes, coaches, teams, leaders and volunteers whose contributions to Shorecrest athletics and athletic achievements have been of the highest caliber and have improved Shorecrest's reputation in sports.

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Shorecrest inducted its 11th Athletic Hall of Fame class in October 2021. The inductees joined the 44 individuals and three teams currently in the Hall of Fame. Their contributions and achievements have inspired others to achieve their own personal level of excellence.

2020-2021 Inductees

Fred Rath '91

A pitcher on the 1989 State Champion Baseball Team, Fred Rath '91 had a 90.9% winning percentage. He tallied 213 strikeouts and 20 career wins in his three seasons pitching with the Chargers, placing him in the top 5. Fred was Drafted by the NY Yankees in round #29 out of high school and was signed by the Minnesota Twins in 1995 after his USF baseball career. The only Shorecrest player to reach the Majors Leagues, Fred played with the Colorado Rockies.

Taylor Tremaine '07

Taylor Tremaine '07 was the 2006 Fran Risser Female Athlete of the Year. She excelled in Soccer, Track and Field and academically. Named 1st Team- St. Pete Times All Academic Team for soccer, she was part of the Girls Soccer Team that made state final appearances in 2006 and 2007. Taylor also holds the school record in the Girls 4 x 400 relay. With her successful career on the soccer field, she played in the Pinellas Senior All Star Team and was a member of the St Pete Raiders State Cup Championship team in 2003. After graduating from Shorecrest, Taylor attended Duke University.

Chrissy Mastry '06 will be honored at a future Shorecrest athletic event and welcomed to the Athletic Hall of Fame.

Zach Wendkos '02 will be honored at a future Shorecrest athletic event and welcomed to the Athletic Hall of Fame.


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2018 Inductees

Lisa Blumencranz ‘92 was honored for her success on the Shorecrest volleyball and softball teams.

Morgan Basil ‘10 was honored for her outstanding Shorecrest tennis career.


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2017 Inductees

Byron Kiefer '98 was honored for his accomplishments on the Shorecrest baseball team.

Clay Hall '90 was honored for his accomplishments on the Baseball team.

Hunter Glaum '93 was honored for his success on the Track and Field team.

Jeff Ritch '01 was honored for his success on the Varsity Football team.

Tony Lazzara '98 was honored for his contributions to Chargers Football.

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2016 Inductees

Christian Blonshine '97 was honored for his accomplishments in basketball.

Nathan Hallet '95 was honored for his success on the Shorecrest football team.

Shane Salvage Smith '97 was honored for her outstanding golf career.

Jackie Scott Stapler '78 was honored for her outstanding track and field career.

Todd Turner '90 was honored for his accomplishments on the Shorecrest baseball team.


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2015 Inductees

Michael Giroud '01 was honored for his accomplishments while on the Shorecrest baseball team.

Words from Mike: "I can honestly say that there are not many places that compare to Shorecrest at any level. I was fortunate enough to play on the current baseball field when it was brand new in 2001, and had the same turfgrass installed as Raymond James Stadium. Hitting the first ever home run on that field and beating the 19th Nationally ranked Miami Brito team 100 by hitting the game-winning home run in that game, were just a few of the many highlights I will always remember... Also, dog piling at home plate after beating St. Stephens in the state playoffs in 2000, hitting two home runs in the same inning against Keswick Christian and making the state playoffs in soccer my sophomore and junior years are a few other of my memorable moments being a student-athlete at Shorecrest.

My athletic career at Shorecrest not only prepared me for baseball at the collegiate level, but also for life after college as a businessman. I will never forget the great memories I had participating in athletics at Shorecrest, and it is an honor to be included in the Athletic Hall of Fame."

Fred Meinke '95 was primarily been honored for his accomplishments on the football field, although he also found success on the Shorecrest basketball and baseball teams.

Words from Fred: "It is a privilege and honor to be selected for the Shorecrest Athletic Hall of Fame. I have been associated with Shorecrest for over 25 years, and it has been an impactful influence in my life.

Athletics at Shorecrest has been the launching pad for my development as a young man due to mentors like Phil Hayford, David Field and Craig Schafer to name a few. I participated in sports for all six years while in attendance at Shorecrest. It really was not until my eighth grade year when Coach Hayford pulled me up to varsity football that I really found my passion for athletics.

I did my best to remember many of the awards I was blessed to receive over my years playing sports, but honestly Coach Hayford instilled in us that team accomplishments trump individual accomplishments, so I never really paid attention to those things. I will simply say Shorecrest is a very special school with amazing administrators, teachers, and staff and they have all impacted my life. Shorecrest has been my extended family with many lasting memories. My Coaches were significant in my life and I will forever be appreciative of the time they invested into my life."

Samantha Specht '09 was recognized for her outstanding career on the Shorecrest track and field team, but she also found success on the cross country and basketball teams at Shorecrest. [Video]

Words from Sam: "The details of my personal and team records are a bit fuzzy, but what sticks in my mind are the relationships formed through being part of a team. As I reflect on my performance in a seemingly individual sport, all that comes to mind 
are the people who supported me, the people whom I supported back, the laughs, the tears, the effort, the heart and pulse of what it means to grow up in such a supportive environment.

At the very heart of my experience is not how I did individually. As I moved on from Shorecrest, my circle of support only expanded. My 
coaching became more specialized and highly focused. My relationship with my teammates deepened and kept me coming back to train, and for them I am indescribably grateful."

1975-76 Football team, coached by Jack Pribyl & Bruce Cox
As Shorecrest Upper School was just establishing itself in Pinellas County, and in turn, establishing a varsity athletic program, this team rose to the occasion—winning nearly every game they played in the fall of 1975. They went from being a brand new team in 1970 all the way to the state championship in 1975, finishing their season as runner-up to the state title.

Team Roster:
Coach Bruce Cox
Coach Jack Pribyl

Steve Kelly ‘76 - Captain
Jimmy Rowe ‘76 - Captain

Steve Beatty ‘76
Bud Bush ‘76
David Crowe ‘76
Wally Mann ‘76
Steve Miller ‘76
Clayton Phillips ‘76
Morgan Scarritt ‘76
Bert Smith ‘76
Parker Buhrman ‘77
Robert Crisp ‘77
Bill Embree ‘77
John Ervien ‘7
John Hendry ‘77
Byron Kennedy ‘77
Joe Kohler ‘77
Ted Machler ‘77
Robert Willis ‘77
Chris Allen ‘78
Robert Daniels ‘78
Robert Duncan ‘78
Carl Lyle ‘78
Lee Rudolph ‘78
Gardiner Evertz ‘79
Page Harris ‘79
Jeff Kaelber ‘79

2014 Inductees

Jeff Feulner '80 was honored for his success on the Shorecrest football team, but he also had an accomplished career on the Shorecrest basketball court.

Words from Jeff: "I am forever in Shorecrest's debt. I am very proud of the nine years I was privileged to attend Shorecrest. I am honored to be selected!"

Marisa Sambito Little '96 was honored for her accomplishments as a Charger volleyball player, but also played softball was a member of the cheerleading squad while at Shorecrest.

Words from Marisa: "Shorecrest Athletics were a profound and formative experience for me from the time I stepped onto the outdoor volleyball court in 7th grade. Sports were the activity I looked forward to every day. I formed bonds with my coaches, and I appreciate the values they taught me on the courts, fields, and beyond that I have carried into my adult life. I strive to pass on the values and provide these types of experiences to others."

Heather Bradley Parks '96 was recognized for her accomplishments on the Shorecrest volleyball courts, but she also had success on the Shorecrest basketball and softball teams.

Words from Heather: "Shorecrest encourages students to excel in both sports and academics. Having 12 years of schooling and 6 years of sports at Shorecrest truly made it my second home. I still draw from those invaluable experiences today while in the workplace, helping my children with their education and sports, and in coaching."

Shane Spears '91 was recognized for his accomplishments as a member of the Shorecrest baseball team. He also played basketball at Shorecrest.

Words from Shane: "I was blessed to be surrounded by great teammates and coaches at Shorecrest who helped me have a successful career. I attribute my success to the whole Shorecrest family: teachers, faculty, and classmates. Shorecrest is something very special. Some of my closest friends to this day are the ones who attended Shorecrest with me. Go Chargers!"

2013 Inductees

Aila Winkler Main '88 was honored for her outstanding Shorecrest tennis career.

Words from Aila: "I feel very lucky to have gone to a school like Shorecrest. Their support and tolerance of my tennis commitments while providing me a great education meant everything. Wonderful memories, wonderful friends, and an honor to be a part of the Athletic Hall of Fame."

Tess Mullinax '04 was honored for her remarkable Shorecrest basketball career, but also was a member of the track and field, softball, and volleyball teams while at Shorecrest.

Words from Tess: "My favorite memory of my Shorecrest career has to be when I scored my 2,000th career point and was given the game ball. The basketball team we had in 2002 was a great team!"

2012 Inductees

Coach Dave Field was the head track coach from 1992-1995, the assistant varsity football coach from 1980-2011: as well as the defensive coordinator, offensive line coach, linebacker coach and special teams coach. He also served as the 2002-2009 soccer announcer.

Words from Coach Field: "My favorite memories of being a Shorecrest Coach have been to coach my son for 4 years, to participate in Coach Hayford’s 100th victory celebration, and to watch athletes I have coached grow and mature through the years.”

Kelly Laine Nelson '02 was recognized for her accomplishements on the Shorecrest tennis courts, but she was also a valuable member of the cross country team.

Words from Kelly: “My favorite memories of Shorecrest revolve around the team camaraderie of blending together a variety of students, all supporting each other through athletic competition and the events of our daily lives. Through Notre Dame, medical school and currently as a pediatric resident at the University of Chicago, the lessons learned at Shorecrest in the class and on the courts have allowed me to develop into the person I am today. The memory of the District final my senior year, having my entire class as well as most of my teachers and administrators supporting me, embodies what Shorecrest means to me. I am very thankful for my years at Shorecrest as the school prepared me for my life beyond."

Alyn Towne III '89 was recognized for accomplishments while on the Shorecrest swim team.

Fondest Memory: "My most memorable moment while swimming at Shorecrest was when the coach of the University of Georgia team informed me, after swimming the 50-meter freestyle with a time of 21.83 seconds and with a race weight of 143 lbs., that I had broken his record becoming pound for pound the fastest man ever to swim. I am taking his word as this is not an easily verifiable statistic."



Ben has been recognized for his role as Director of Transportation and Maintenance at Shorecrest from 1972-2004.

Words from Ben
"My past with Shorecrest has involved so many different varied things. The fact that I could, as part of my job, have an input on the facilities and show that Shorecrest is a force in athletics, was pretty special. I have fond memories of my interactions with the coaches and Shorecrest Athletic Department staff, who always treated me and my employees with respect, making us feel that we were part of athletic events."

Benny Bartlett passed away on July 3, 2012.


Coach Bruggeman taught physical education and coached a variety of sports including football, basketball, soccer, baseball, swimming and track & field at Shorecrest.

Words about Coach Bruggeman
“He had a way of seeing the positive in all children in any situation. Because of his

upbeat attitude he was able to encourage students who otherwise might learn to dislike physical activity. The time I spent with him made me a better teacher and a happier person.” -Sandy Hayford

“Harold was the kind of person who could always make you smile. He loved life and he loved his job.” -Karen McClellan

“Harold was a gentleman, devoted to the betterment of those he had contact with. Always ready and able to help anyone in need, adding a calming outlook when a problem arose.” -Ben Bartlett

“Whether it was playing hoops with my Dad or getting his team ready for a big game, Coach Bruggeman was always striving to be at his best, and expected the same of those around him.” -Bill Moore ‘84

“No matter what the activity, he always tried to make it fun. We would be in the middle of a drill and all of a sudden he would blow his whistle. He loved to blow that whistle. We would stop [the drill] and look at him; and he would just smile and say, ‘Oh nothing, carry on.’ I just remember him doing funny things like that.” -Meghan Morean ’00

“He was such a great man. When you played on a team he coached he really made you feel like you were an excellent athlete, no matter if you were or weren’t. I have never seen a man who could make kids feel so good about themselves.” -Adia Bradley ’99

Harold Bruggeman passed away on September 9, 1998.


Lynda has been honored for her accomplishments on both the Shorecrest basketball and volleyball teams, but she also played tennis, was on the swim team and was a member of the cheerleading squad while at Shorecrest. 

Words from Lynda

"I loved everything about being a student athlete at Shorecrest. Every memory is

special. It was like belonging to a family!"


Alex has been honored for his career on the Shorecrest football, basketball, and baseball teams.

Words from Alex

"When I think back on my Shorecrest athletic career, the run to our ’89 State Championship baseball season is still vivid in my mind. We reached the ultimate goal, which brought great satisfaction on a personal and team level."


Bob has been honored for his accomplishments on the Shorecrest football, soccer, baseball, and track & field teams.


Words from Bob

"When I left Shorecrest for college, I never played a team sport again. Shorecrest had been my team for seven years and I just couldn't seem to put my shoulder behind any other team. Thanks to a remarkable community of coaches, teachers and friends, I still feel that way."


The 1988-89 baseball team won the 1989 Florida State 1A Championship, defeating nationally ranked Miami-Westminster Christian (#2 Collegiate Baseball -- High school top 25/ #4 USA Today Super 25 rankings) and finished the season with the most wins in Shorecrest history.

Team Roster
Coach James C. Vigue

Coach Bill Van Aman

John Arcaro '89 – Captain

Jim Vigue '89 – Captain

Denis Burns '89

Brett Hayford '89

Alexander Plomaritis '89

Andrew Snell '89

Curtis Burns '90

Clay Hall '90

Todd Turner '90

Mariah Dehaven '91

Dean Harkey '91

Daniel Lynn '91

Fred Rath '91

Shane Spears '91

David Stringer '91

Matt Strome '91

Anthony Goff '92

Eric Klug '92

Jim Bochis '92



Sean was recognized for his successes on the Shorecrest baseball team. He also played football and basketball while at Shorecrest.

Words from Sean
"I vividly remember winning that '84 state championship. It is an awesome memory, espeically after a year as runner-up in 1983."


Roy has been recognized for his successes on both the Shorecrest basketball and baseball teams.

Words from Roy
"I loved the great friendships I made with my teammates at Shorecrest."


Steve has been honored for his outstanding basketball career at Shorecrest.

Words from Steve
"One of my fondest memories was getting the first slam dunk in Shorecrest history against St. Pete Catholic at home during the 1983-84 season. The gym was LOUD! I managed four more before the end of the season, but the first one was the most memorable!"


Coach Moore has been honored for his accomplishements during the 19 years he served as a Shorecrest basketball coach.

Words from Coach Moore
"My proudest moment as a coach and dad was when I returned home from a Bay Conference Coaches meeting in 1984 with All-Bay Conference certificates for all of my children: Bill-Senior Boys Varsity, Cathy & Brice - Sophomore Girls Varsity."


Coach Pribyl has been honored for his work as Shorecrest Athletic Director and football coach.

Words from Coach Pribyl
"My fondest memory of my time at Shorecrest was the 1975 football state playoff game versus Belle Glade on my birthday. The press predicted that we would lose by 30 points. Belle Glade had won two state titles in four years. We won the game 30-3. This put us on the map as a state title contender."


The 1983-84 team won the 1984 Florida State 1A Baseball Championship, becoming the first Shorecrest team to win a Florida state championship.

Team Roster
Coach Thomas Lechner
Coach Thomas Walls

Sean Broderick '84
Rich Early '84
Alan Holderith '84
Art Ross '84
Jody Staples '84
Jim Drewes '85
Bill Johnson '85
Kevin Plomaritis '85
Rob Grady '86
Kevin Kenney '86
Darren Lynn '86
James Rudolph '86
Shannon Smith '86
Mark DeRussy '87
Mark Lettelleir '87
Eric Merkow '87
Brad Baptiste Rice '87
Brad Wells '87



Ruth Ann has been recognized for her accomplishments at Shorecrest in basketball, softball and volleyball.

Words from Ruth Ann
"I will forever remember learning the value of teamwork from Coach Brad Moore."


Ann has been recognized for her successes on the volleyball, basketball and track & field teams at Shorecrest.

Words from Ann
"My fondest memory of my time in athletics at Shorecrest was of the basketball district finals. We were behind by one point. I was fouled and sent to shoot 2, and I was one of the weaker free-throw shooters. I made both and we advanced to the Regionals. We celebrated by cutting the home net down! True Charger spirit and celebration."


Frank has been recognized for his Shorecrest basketball career.

Words from Frank
"My favorite memory of Shorecrest was being part of the team that won the first men's basketball district championship for Shorecrest under Coach Craig Schafer."


Bruce Haskell was the Headmaster of Shorecrest from 1973-1985, when Shorecrest established a high school and a varsity athletic program. Throughout his time at Shorecrest he has also served as an assistant football coach, a girls tennis coach, and a junior varsity soccer coach.

Words from Bruce
"I've loved being an advocate for Shorecrest athletics for many years!"


Coach Phil Hayford has been honored for his many years as the Shorecrest Athletic Director and Shorecrest football coach.

Words from Phil
"Every season has great memories. It is difficult to pinpoint one that is my favorite. But one that stands out was the district championship victory over Frostproof--it was a giant win for our program. It was the first district championship in many years and that one opened the door for many more!"


John has been honored for his accomplishments at Shorecrest on the football, soccer and track & field teams.

Words from John
"I appreciate the Shorecrest faculty, coaches and all those who were truly interested in seeing us achieve higher goals than we thought were possible. Through athletics at Shorecrest I developed friendships with fellow teammates that remain strong to this day."


Steve has been recognized for his accomplishments on the Shorecrest football, basketball and baseball teams.

Words from Steve
"I will forever remember the journey to the 1975 State Football Championship on my birthday, December 19."


Cathy has been honored for her accomplishments on the Shorecrest basketball team.

Words from Cathy
"I will forever remember coming out of the locker room at the State Championship game and hearing all of the fans cheering and supporting our team."


Brice has been honored for her basketball career at Shorecrest.

Words from Brice
"One of my fondest memories is looking out in the stands and always seeing my mother smiling at me. All the years I played, my mother never missed a game--always there encouraging me to do my best. She understood how difficut it was to be the coach's daughter. As an adult looking back, I appreciate how unselfish she was with her time and how much she dedicated to her children and family."


Jim has been honored for his outstanding contributions to the football, basketball and baseball teams at Shorecrest.

Words from Jim
"My favorite memory of my time as an athlete at Shorecrest was accepting the award on behalf of the football team for the 'Amateur Team of the Year for St. Petersburg'."

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