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Capital Giving and Endowment Giving

Capital and endowed gifts allow Shorecrest to continue investing in the excellence of its campus, faculty and student opportunities.

Regardless of how you choose to give, your generosity makes a tremendous impact on the life of the School. If you are interested in learning more about Capital and Endowment giving at Shorecrest, please contact Michael Gillis, Director of Advancement, at or 727-456-7514. 

Support for Shorecrest’s capital campaigns are opportunities for donors to create a lasting legacy. Whether funding essential facilities like Charger Commons, or renovating current spaces to best fit our current needs — capital gifts ensure that Shorecrest remains strong for generations to come.

Naming Opportunities

A gift to the Transform Campaign is an opportunity to help elevate the learning environment for current and future Chargers. The Transform Campaign also results in an array of new and renewed facilities that can be named. Through a naming opportunity, your gift can be permanently recognized on campus; or you may choose to honor an inspirational individual or family.

Many donors choose to honor or memorialize a family member, friend, or teacher through the naming of buildings and spaces. Shorecrest is pleased to offer Naming Opportunities to dedicate a room, area, or facility on the campus.

To learn more about the opportunities featured below, please contact Michael Gillis by phone at  727-522-2111 Ext. 104 or by email
Donors will be recognized on plaques in one of the following ways: 

Generously donated by the -DONOR NAME- Family

- or -

Generously donated in honor of -NAME-

Please note: Donor name will not be recognized with the second option.

501c(3) Status

Shorecrest Preparatory School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation as defined by the IRS, which means that all gifts to Shorecrest are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Visit the IRS website for more information.

Make a Transform Pledge Payment

"Capital Giving provides the needed facilities for our students and faculty to grow, collaborate and build community.”

-Shorecrest Parent


Endowed gifts become a permanent part of the School’s legacy, securing Shorecrest’s financial health in perpetuity. Unlike annual contributions to the Shorecrest Fund, the principal amount of an endowed gift remains untouched while the investment income may be used for strategic priorities within the School.

Areas of Focus:

List of 2 items.

  • Financial Aid and Scholarships

    An endowed fund that covers increasing needs-based financial aid assistance while keeping the cost of tuition as affordable as possible.
  • Teaching and Learning

    Endowed funds to recruit and retain superb teachers. Having these funds available also helps Shorecrest provide a wide range of professional development opportunities to our faculty and staff.

Types of Endowments

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  • General Unrestricted Endowment:

    Centennial Level Gifts of $25,000 or more to the School’s endowment without a specific designation provide a lasting investment that yields an annual distribution for our programs.
  • Donor Restricted Endowments:

    Gifts up to $299,999 can be added to one of the established funds providing investment and an annual distribution toward that fund's designated intention.
  • Named Endowments:

    Gifts of $300,000 or more provide the opportunity to establish a new, named endowment fund with a goal to grow the fund to $600,000 or more allowing the School to maximize the investment income in alignment with donor intentions.
  • Financial Aid Endowments:

    An endowed fund of $600,000 or more provides in perpetuity support of one full, four-year, need-based scholarship for a deserving student, through the fund’s earnings. For this reason, it is our strategic goal to increase the principal amount of the School’s established funds.
  • Faculty Chair Endowments:

    An endowed gift of $1,000,000 or more provides budget-replacing support for faculty salaries and benefits through the fund’s earnings. For this reason, it is our strategic goal to increase the principal amount of the School’s established funds that support our dedicated faculty. 
  • Facilities Endowments:

    An endowed gift of $1,000,000 or more supports the opportunity for budget-replacing campus improvement through the fund’s earnings. For this reason, it is our strategic goal to increase the principal amount of the School’s established funds that constantly improve our current infrastructure.
For more details on making a lasting impact, please contact Michael Gillis, Director of Advancement, at 727-456-7514 or

Established Funds:


The BOLT Fund was anonymously established in 2021 to provide need-based tuition assistance for a deserving Charger with an emphasis on academic excellence.

Bridge Fund

The Bridge Fund was established in 2021 by alumni parents, Dottie and John Fischer, to provide need-based tuition assistance for a deserving student and celebrates the life-changing Shorecrest experience and the lasting connections within the St. Petersburg community. Funds were provided in celebration of their daughter's Shorecrest experience (Kristin Fischer ‘05.)


The first of its kind, the Doris and Donna Friendship Fund was established in 2020 by an Alumni family, Tara '96 and Cory Gaffney '95, to provide need-based financial aid assistance for a deserving student to celebrate lasting friendships.

Janet G. Root State of the Arts Endowment

The Janet G. Root State of the Arts Endowment was established in 2015 for the sole purpose of providing funds to maintain the interior of the theater and art gallery, including but not limited to refurbishment, repair or renovation of the existing seating, carpet, interior fixed furniture or fixtures; or expansion of the seating capacity or stage area.

Pyxis Fund

The Pyxis Fund was anonymously established in 2022, to provide support for compelling Middle School programming at Shorecrest for years to come, allowing the Middle School faculty and staff to reimagine how to help students navigate life in middle school.


An endowment gift that established the Ross Roeder Institute for Economics, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship (RRI). Established in 2023 by Jan & Craig Sher, and Mary Anne Reilly, this institute for business, economics and entrepreneurship also includes the first endowed faculty chair position with the vision that this faculty member will teach while also implementing a schoolwide program in financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Upper School Ancillary Fund

Established anonymously in 2006, the Upper School Ancillary Fund is an endowment to provide funding for non-tuition based expenses to students receiving financial aid in the Upper School at Shorecrest. In creating this endowment, the donors wanted to ensure that financially needy students could fully participate in the life of Shorecrest during their high school years.


Financial support of Shorecrest students has a tangible and lasting impact on generations of deserving Shorecrest students, creating a legacy of educational opportunity.

Restricted Gifts that support the people and programs at Shorecrest are more than just a means to an education. Our goal is to attract gifted students from families with a range of experiences and perspectives. 

Types of Program Scholarships:

Jan & Craig Sher Service Learning Fund - Values that the Sher family instilled include the importance of helping others and giving back, as well as a love of travel and new learning experiences. With that in mind, support is provided to cover the expenses for a high school student's national or international service trip that, due to the expense, they may not be able to otherwise attend.

The Ari M. Weiss Model UN Scholarship Fund - Sponsors an Upper School student annually to participate in a Shorecrest-sponsored Model U.N. trip and honors the memory of Ari Weiss and his passion and contribution to Model U.N.

Special Gifts and Awards: 

The Janet G. Root Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts

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