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The Shorecrest Community Association (SCA) is Shorecrest's version of a PTA or Parents' Association. All Shorecrest families are automatically a part of SCA, and there are no registrations and no dues. SCA sponsors opportunities for all Shorecrest community members to lead and participate in events, activities, and services that support and enhance the educational, social, and fundraising needs of the Shorecrest community. SCA's efforts are invaluable to Shorecrest!

One of Shorecrest’s great assets is its community. A goal of SCA is to develop that sense of school community. There are people of many different backgrounds on campus with many different talents, and just as many ways to become involved in our community. Please Join Us!

Whether it’s an hour a month, or an hour a week - there is a place for YOU. Get involved in the way that is best for your family and your schedule. Please join us for a SCA Meeting to learn ways you can get involved.

We look forward to seeing you!


It’s hard to imagine a more powerful team than school and parents working together to enrich student experiences. That’s why serving as a parent volunteer is so vital for your children. Get to know the school, the community, other volunteers - in ways that interest you!

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The SCA Shorecrest Cares Committee is a quiet, behind-the-scenes group of volunteers that makes a big impact when the Shorecrest community needs it most. Shorecrest Cares responds to community members' needs not only when there is an illness, death, or other difficult situation, but also when there are celebratory events such as a birth. The support can take many forms, from food delivery to childcare arrangements, depending on the needs of the family.

If you would like to get involved with the Shorecrest Cares Committee, please contact the Committee Chair: Brittany Decker, [email protected]

If your family or someone you know is experiencing a challenge or having a celebratory event such as a birth where Shorecrest Cares can help, please contact Ms. Spencer or Julie Meyer at 727-456-7505 or [email protected].

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