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Sean SheikoleslamSean Sheikoleslam '23 was first introduced to Shorecrest via the “awesome” summer camp program in second grade. He started at the School the next year as a third grader and will graduate as the Salutatorian for the Class of 2023 on Saturday, May 20. Sean is described by his teachers as, "superlatively bright, industrious, and intellectually curious, and an earnest, responsible community member and citizen." Over his nine years at Shorecrest, Sean has been a top scholar, dedicated athlete, and contributing member of the School community for the Class of 2023. 

Deeply interested in the computer science and finance fields, Sean pursued the rigorous STEAM Signature Program at Shorecrest, through which he specialized in computer science. For his culminating project he created Wealthwise: A Comprehensive Financial Management Solution for Businesses - a project he intends to continue to improve upon in college. With exceptional programming skills and experience, Sean has spent two summers working for the MITRE organization, a non-profit that advances national security in new ways and serves the public interest. With a quick review of Sean’s IT resume and the MITRE site, one will see the extraordinary, adult-level professional projects that he is not just doing, but also leading, at such a young age.

Sean is also very involved at Shorecrest and in the greater community, with multiple years-long commitments - including leadership positions - in Track and Field, National Honor Society, Key Club, Spanish Club, Student Ambassadors, and two local nonprofits - The Kind Mouse and Sunken Gardens. Sean is the co-president of Key Club, an organization he credits for introducing him to community volunteering. “Freshman year we would go to Ronald McDonald House and cook, and it was the most fun I've ever had. Service was something I would otherwise never have known was such a rewarding opportunity.”

Sean values both the social and academic aspects of his Shorecrest experience and says, “I think the friends you make in high school really, really stick with you … especially since Shorecrest is such a tightly woven community. Academically, I’ve realized that the community here really drives students to try and excel at any level. I think I received a phenomenal education that pushed me way beyond what I could have achieved anywhere else.“ 

Teachers are an important part of the Shorecrest community for Sean. He remembers Renee Hensler as a teacher who was a “wonderful advisor” as he was coming into a new environment in third grade. He also considers Anne Michelle Frey and Ms. Jessica Thorn as impactful Upper School teachers in his chosen field of mathematics. 

Sean will attend the University of Florida as a Lombardi Scholar in the UF Honors program, the premier undergraduate scholarship at the University, awarded to only 8 students in the incoming class.  

According to his college counselor, Mr. John Fanning, "He will raise the bar to new heights."


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