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The Peck Center for Medical Sciences at Shorecrest is an in-depth, applied sciences academic track for high school students. Through extensive coursework, laboratories with specialized equipment, guest experts, field experiences and student-directed projects, Shorecrest students in the Medical Sciences program will gain exposure to and expertise in a wide range of topics in applied medical science.

Lisa Peck, Upper School science teacher and Director of the Peck Center for Medical Sciences, championed the creation of the program. “A growing number of our students are showing interest in medicine earlier and earlier,” says Ms. Peck. “Our goal through the program is to expose students to multiple facets of medical science - not just becoming a doctor or nurse - but also introducing them to interdisciplinary topics in genetics, prosthetics, physical therapy, bioethics, etc., so that they have some foundational knowledge of topics and career options as they move on to college and consider career goals.”

“What’s especially meaningful about this program is its real-world application,” says Shorecrest Interim Head of Upper School Erich Schneider. “Its experiential nature gives students the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need in college and in life, whether or not they decide to pursue a future in the medical field.”

Students also participate in field experiences such as hospital tours, making rounds with doctors and sitting in on surgeries.

Shorecrest also offers Upper School students the opportunity to participate in the Pre-med Club, an extracurricular club open to all 9th-12th grade students who have an interest in medical science. The club has no pre-requisites and allows students to gain broad exposure to topics studied in greater depth through the Center for Medical Sciences track.

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